Jesus Heals Cervical Spondilitis

I am born again believer, suffering with cervical spondilitis which affected my muscles of the neck and the spinal cord. My face and neck was severely swollen. Doctor said it is impossible to cure it fully. During Sunday night service, as the power of God manifested during the worship time, Jesus Christ my Lord healed me completely and now I am absolutely free, and fine. All glory to my Saviour forever and forever.


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Praise the Lord- God calls my sickness and healed me.

From childhood, I was suffering from Eczema on my finger. I get a bad itching everytime. I am always embarrassed to show my hands as the fingers are swollen. I didn't lift my hand to praise and worship because of Eczema. But then I decided to lift my hands to praise and worship my Lord Jesus who alone can heal me. From that time I started to worship my with both my hand lifted high looking up to my Lord calling upon His name. On a Friday, healing and deliverance service, Lord Jesus Christ spoke through pastor that a lady is healed from Eczema. Then the Lord touched me. When I went home I found no trace of Eczema.

I praise and thank my Lord for his mercies and wonder and I strongly believed that I am healed by the power of His Holy Blood.


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Medical Doctors declared it is not possible - God made it all possible.

I am married for 7 years but I did not conceive a child. Medical doctdrs said I have a unicorn womb, my womb was touching the kidney, and thus I could tever have a child. I trusted my LORD JESUS and prayed with tears. My pastor prayed over me, God healed my womb & I conceived. I have a beautiful daughter to the glory of my Jesus Christ.

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God called out my sickness and i was healed instantly

I thank and praise God for the miracle healing in my body. For 3 years, I had continuous internal I bleeding. I took medicines, but the condition became worse. I was nervous and frightened. But as I believed in my LORD JESUS, during the Service, pastor called out my sickness, and the power of God went through my body and I was healed instantly and completely. I Praise be to my Saviour and Healer JESUS CHRIST.

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God called me and healed my 2 year continuous acute stomach pain and ulcer

I was believing every word preached in the crusade by GOD'S servant Pastor Dil. During the final prayer time, GOD called my sickness out through HIS servant and the power of the Holyspirit delivered me and healed me completely.

Victoria (Italy)

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Jesus heals my prostrate glands & muscles

I was suffering from loss of bladder control and had to wear pads to prevent the flow. The muscle control in my prostrate area (after my earlier operation) had deteriorated. During the camp service when Pastor Dil was praying, the Holyspirit touched me and I was completely healed. I do not need any pads any more and my prostrate muscles are healed. All praise & Glory to JESUS CHRIST my healer.

Mark Anthony (Australia)

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Our Son was healed and walked without crutches

GOD saved us from a nasty accident, however our little son had broken his limb bones and was walking in crutches.

During the crusade service, the Power of GOD came upon him and GOD healed him instantaneously and he walked without the crutches - Praise be to our living GOD - JESUS CHRIST.

Parents (Holland)

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God Called me and instantly healed

I was suffering from "Insomnia" and lack of memory and was on medication (for over 2 years). During the crusade service, Pastor Dil called out my condition by the gift of the Holyspirit and the power of GOD healed me instantly. And from that day I stopped all my medication - JESUS CHRIST MY LORD HEALED ME.

Sumathi (Australia)

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Little child healed instatneously from eye pain

Our child has been wearing spectacles from her childhood because of a continuous pain in the eyes. As the servant of GOD prayed over her in JESUS NAME, she removed her glasses and PRAISE GOD all the pain left her completely. She now doesn't wear her spectacles any more - JESUS CHRIST healed her.

Parents (Holland)

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God called me and set me free from fear

During the crusade service, GOD called my condition through HIS servant (Pastor DIL) and the Power of the word of GOD and Holyspirit completely delivered me from this awful fear and pain I was having for many years - Praise be to my loving saviour - JESUS CHRIST.

Helen (Italy)

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14 Years of Asthma

My name is Sam Lawgray. I was suffering from wheezing since I was 1½ years old. I used to get this asthma attack every now and then (and I used to keep bucket near my bedside for vomiting). My parents tried all kinds of treatment, but all in vain. Even doctors asked me to take at least two tablets a day along with inhaler. My parents were very upset as doctors told there was no permanent cure for asthma and that all medicines have great side effects.

Two months ago on a Friday morning healing meeting pastor Dil prayed fro people like me suffering from asthma, and asked to keep our hands on the chest, I did so. From that day onwards my mummy stopped giving me tablets, even though she knew I would not be able to walk more than 10 minutes without taking them.

Thank God the attack didn't come back. Now for the past two months I am living without taking any tablets. Amazing God healed me completely. I thank my Jesus for answering my request.

Let God bless Pastor Dil and bless many more through King's Revival (God's Sanctuary).

And call upon me in the day of trouble ; I will deliver thee and thou shalt glorify Me.

Sam Lawgray

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Blessed and Healed

I was an Anglican and one day hearing beautiful music, I entered King's Revival Church. Pastor was praying for the sick, and I suddenly felt a shower like a raindrops on my head. It was the touch of the Holy Spirit. I was instantly healed of my blood pressure, for which I had been on medication for six years. Praise the Lord.

Preethi Lekamge

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Saved and Healed by His Grace

I was born in a conservative family, but grew upto be a rebellious, impulsive man. One day in my depressed state in life I listened to a Gospel message and JESUS touched my life. Holy spirit filled me and I surrendered my life to JESUS CHRIST.

Subsequently one day I had a leg injury and lived as a disabled person for an year. As I came to the healing service of the King's Revival Church the Pastor received a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit. JESUS healed me instantly. I praise my Lord JESUS CHRIST.


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God's calls and heals instantly

I had a terrible pain in my nose and couldn't breathe properly. I was exhausted. Yet I continued to worship GOD in the Sunday night service. Just then the word of knowledge came to the pastor my sickness was called out and just then I felt the power of the Holy Spirit passing through me, instantly I was healed.


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Growth Disappears

I suffered a terrible pain in my body because of an abnormal growth. I was diagnosed for hemorrhage and doctors suggested surgery. I looked unto God, my healer and Saviour. I claimed the promises of His Word. I believed that in the church - the House of God - there is abundant healing. Then one day in the KRC service, I found my pain was totally gone, and I have noticed the growth disappearing as I believed. Praise be to our unfailing Saviour & Lord Jesus Christ.


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Jesus Healed My Piles Disease and Promoted Me

I was having piles and my doctor advised me I need surgery. I trusted in God & continued to pray in Jesus' name. As I attended the services in King's Revival Church, the Lord Jesus healed me completely, and now I am free from the disease. Even in my job my Lord promoted me - Praise be to my healer and Saviour Jesus Christ my Lord.

Raymon Corea

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God's Miracle in Me

I was a heavy alcoholic person. I had very high cholesterol, Triglycerides & Lipoproteins. I couldn't breath properly. I trusted in my God Jesus to heal me. I came to church and Pastor prayed for me, then every disease vanished from my body. I was delivered from my addiction. Today I am totally healed and set free completely by my Lord Jesus Christ.

Thomas Verghese

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Miracle children 8 ½ Years Old

We had experienced miscarriages. Doctors said pregnancy could be high risk. As we trusted God for a miracle, when Pastor prayed for us - we were blessed with twin children. With God all things are possible.

Nileshana Jeevan

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