----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Lord has put into my heart today to talk about prayer. The Lord surely knows that I need to learn and you need to learn. I need to obey, you need to obey. I need to follow, you need to follow. I need to pray and you need to pray. Children of God, praying we know is talking to God. Praying we know is hearing from God. Praying we know is listening to God. Praying we know is God listening to us and we listening to God. Praying we know is communicating with God. Prayer we know is to commune with God. But the Holy Spirit told me a couple of months ago, the definitions of prayer is the place where God and we become one. It is definitely talking to God; it is definitely listening to God. It is definitely pouring out your heart to God and it is definitely God pouring His heart to you. Revealing His mind to you; it is you opening up to God and God opening up to you. It's all there. But the prime definition is that God and we become one in prayer.

Elijah was a man of prayer. A well-known anointed prophet and a mighty man of God. The Bible talks in 1 King 18, the prayer of Elijah. He had just come out, after a big show down with the false gods of Baal. He challenged those false prophets, and he prayed unto the Living God and the Living God sent the fire from heaven, thus Elijah proved to the whole world that God Jehovah is the only living God. After the big contest, he is on the Mount Carmel and there the Lord teaches me and you.

My beloved, we all have needs, we all have wants in our lives. We all have desires. We are all looking forward for something good to happen in our lives. All asking God for something. Someone is asking God for a job, someone is asking for a physical healing someone is asking for family restoration, someone is asking God to bless her/his child. Someone is asking for a visa, someone is asking for peace. Each one of us has something to ask God for. And my child of God, therefore you and I must learn the principles of powerful prayer. It is not simply asking God for a visa, blessings, peace or anything that we need. Yes, He will answer. As we grow in the Lord, as we mature ourselves in the Lord, our prayer must be powerful and fruitful.

Our prayer must press forward because the title of this message is "God will give abundance of Rain in your life." Abundance of Rain; is what Elijah told, and the same anointing is flowing into the church now through this unworthy mouth piece, and I prophecy and proclaim abundance of rain in your life in the name of Jesus.

My God said that He will make it come to pass. God is not talking about physical and practical rain. He is talking about His provisions in abundance in your life; spiritual provisions, material provisions. I tell you all what you need for a blessed life on this earth and for an eternal life forever with Christ. Abundance of Rain. Jesus said, "I have come that you shall have life and have it more in abundance". God's abundance is all ready for us beloved. Jesus says, "It is finished… He has removed the authority of Satan. He has defeated Satan. Now it's His authority over your life. If only you believe in Him. His abundance is all ready. His riches are all ready.

We are on this side, the abundance is on the other side, in between there is a door that the dirty defeated devil has closed for you and me. Therefore, your prayer and my prayer is going to pushed that door open tonight. God who prepares the abundance and kept it on the other side, comes to this side and tells me and you my beloved to come on, my son, come on my daughter, you and I can pushed the door open. And when the door opens, His abundance flows into your life in the name of Jesus Christ. You don't need anyone to take it and give it to you. Prayer is pressing against the door. And the dirty defeated devil has closed the door, locked the door, but Jesus says, "Behold, I give you the key of heaven in your hand." You and I can push it, and that is prayer, where God and you and God and I are one and He and I, He and you together we press forward, we push the door until the hinges give way and the blessings rush into our lives. This is what it will happen in these days and the coming years. This is what Elijah did on that Mount Carmel It was abundance of Rain and then he went up and the Bible says;

7 steps on Mount Carmel:

1. When you pray you must believe that God is your Father. It all starts there, that's why Jesus gives us the pattern of prayer, when He said, "Our Father who art in heaven…" We must believe that God is our Father; we must come to know that God is a Father and God revealed Himself as a Father to you and me. And He is a Father to you and me when you and I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. When we say that I believe on the Son whom you sent for me God. God sent His only Son who is also God and Man. God has given the world into the hand of man. When He blessed Adam, He said, "You shall be blessed, fruitful and have dominion over all the earth".

Earth is man's area of dominion and rule. God will never change what He has promised Adam in the beginning, even though Adam lost into the hands of the devil. That's why God sent Jesus as Man; He will never do anything on this earth without man. That's why to defeat Satan; God has to send His only Son as Man on this earth. That's why if you want job, it is on this earth and not in heaven. You want your sickness to be healed, it is on this earth and not in heaven, therefore we are living in earth and not yet in heaven.
Therefore, anything you want God to be done in your life; your needs, your wants, desires, your hopes whatever on this earth. You have to let God work through you and you have to initiate. God is the source, He is the authority, He is the power. He is the one who makes it happen. But we are the one to make it start to happen. The door may be closed but we can push it open with Christ. We can do all things with Christ who strengthens us. Jesus said, "Without Me you can do nothing" Jesus has kept it all ready for us, but the devil has close it, but God has taken out that authority from Satan and given it the church if we invite Jesus through our prayer.

So, prayer is inviting God into our situation. Prayer is allowing God to deal with our situation. Prayer is asking God to intervene into our situation, telling Him to come and be the Lord of my life. God I cannot do it, you and I have to be one and only it is from You that I can do it God. So, we have to invite God into our lives if want to prosper and be blessed on this earth. Prayer is the place where God intervene into our lives; prayer is the place where God comes and works in us. Prayer is the place where God comes and takes hold of your things and makes it happen for you. Remember, God will not do anything good on this earth without the church praying. Our prayer will break open the doors and the rivers of life will flow. Therefore, we have to call Him Father….

We have to enter into a Father & son relationship. Getting to that relationship, trusting to that relationship, claiming to that relationship, holding to that relationship and going forward to that relationship that God is our Father…..

2. We have to repent and follow the biblical principles and break open the doors in the name of Jesus Christ. We have to grow in prayer…not simply asking God to heal our back pain, throat etc. He will do these but there is abundance of life waiting for us, which God has prepared, purchased and preserved for the generation of Abraham in the name of Jesus. He has purchased it through Christ Jesus. So, we have to take it and enjoy it on this earth. Therefore, we have to confess and say, God you are my Father; I believe you are my Father through Christ Jesus. And now I come and repent from all my unforgiveness, pride, the lust of the flesh, the lust of money. If money and my possession are taken away from me, my whole life goes God. Lot, grabbed the best for him from the plains of Jordan, but Abraham just said, "God let him have the best". But God came to Abraham and said you will have the best, you look to the north it's yours, you look to the west is yours, you look to the east is yours and you look to the south it's yours, because I am your God. He let Lot grab what He wanted, and finally Lot was saved because of Abraham. Therefore, beloved let us not grab for possessions, let us not crave for promotions. Let us not envy the blessings of others. Let the grabbing spirit be gone and ask God to give us the spirit of contentment and rejoicement in the name of Jesus Christ. You will be multiplied by God; you will be added by God. You will be increased by God. Father, I repent, for I always envying others, I always wanted the best for myself but now I repent and come to you God, trusting you for my life because you are my Father who knows the best for me.

When the spirit of repentance comes, the door begins to open;

3. We should to thank God. Father, inspite of my weakness, inspite of my unforgiveness, inspite of dirty lust, inspite of my grabbing natures, I repent God; I know you are there for me. Beloved it is because He is our Father; we can always come to Him and repent. The prodigal son who went astray, remembered his father, and that's why he came back to him and asked for forgiveness. Likewise, God is our Father; we can come back to Him today. If you have gone astray from Him, you can come back to Him. He is not God only, He is also our Father, beloved. Tell Him, that Lord because you are there for me inspite of my wickedness, inspite of my weakness, inspite of my failures, inspite of all that I have done to discredit your name, Father you are still there for me, I thank you… Jesus said, "Whoever comes to Me, I will by no means cast out". So, we can repent because we have our Father in heaven who alone can forgive us, cleanse us from all our sins and give us new life in Christ. Once we received the forgiveness of Jesus through His blood you will have the power never to sin again. This is repentance. Not simply feeling sorry. I don't want to do that again God. I don't want to be that person again. I don't want to sin again. This is repentance. Holy Spirit teaches us that repentance means never wanting to sin again. Thank you, Father that you are still here for me….

4. Praise God for the blood of Jesus that was shed for you and me. Praise Him for every promise that God has spoken in His Word. Remember the promises of God, records them in the tablets of your hearts, speak those promises, believe those promises, confess those promises over and over again. And the door will begin to shake. The door will break open for you and there will be "Abundance of Rain". Praise God for who He is to you. Tell Him that He is your Father, thank Him for the blood of Jesus, praise Him for His mighty works in your life; praise Him for saving your life ; praise Him for writing your name in the Lamb's Book of Life, and making you more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.

Just then, Elisha said to Elijah, "there is no sign of rain";

5. Tell God that without Him you are an absolute zero. Complete humility before God and men. Complete acknowledgment that without Christ we can do nothing.

When Elisha came back to tell Elijah that there is no sign of rain, he saw Elijah bowed down on the ground with his face between his knees (1 King 18:42). This speaks of complete humility of Elijah to God, acknowledging that with out Him he can do nothing.

When we confess and show to God our nothingness without Him, that's the time when God lift us up and the hinges will begins to break. The power of God will come upon you to help you receive the answers to your prayers.

6. Acknowledge the Sovereignty of God that He alone knows the best for you. Tell Him that whatever You give me is the best for me, God.

That's why Elisha again came back and said, Sir still no sign of rain. God want us to reach to that point of complete dependency of Him that we don't have to decide for ourselves but trust Him for everything for our lives. For the Bible declares that "He will perfect that which that concerns us".

Be spiritually poor and humble all the time. Lord, not what I desire, but what you desire for me; not what I asked but what you are ready to give me; not what I will but what you will; not what I was always looking and hoping for from my childhood. Now at Mount Carmel, I know You will give me the best God, wherever you ask me to go, it's the best; whatever You do for me it's the best. When our desires is changed according to what God has for us, and our ego, self, ambitions, wills and ways dies, and says, "For me to live is Christ now and to die is gain" this is the time when you must tell God, Lord not my will, but your will be done….

7. Then Elisha came back and said to Elijah, Sir, "There is a cloud, as small as a man's hand, rising out of the sea" (1 King 18:43). That's the time you are ready to receive the miracle, much more than you asked and desired, more than whatever you have hope for.

Now is the time for you to tell the Lord not my will but your will be done O, God. Not what I desire but what you desire…

Not just a little shower of rain but an abundance of rain that God will shower which He has promise you through Christ Jesus our Lord. Jesus said. "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly".

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