Jesus Christ has the first encounter with Simon Peter, who lately became an apostle of God and disciple of Christ.

It was morning time where a multitude had pressed about him to hear the Word of God, and Jesus was standing by the lake of Genesaret, because they knew that Jesus always spoke the Words of Life and even today Jesus speaks the words of life through the Holy Spirit through His church.

One day Jesus asked Simon Peter, "Would you also leave Me", because there were certain people who were leaving Jesus, so Simon Peter told Jesus, where could we go, because from You comes the Word of Life. The words of life are from the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, as you hear today these words of life from the throne of God, you will have life in you. Now Jesus Christ is standing there and people on one side, there were multitudes, and He saw two boats standing there by the lake. The Bible says that the fishermen had left the boats and washing the nets. And the boats were alone and empty and unattended. This caught the attention of Jesus Christ. If you are here this morning feeling empty inside, you may have thousand people around you, even when your loved ones are with you, yet your life can be the most miserable and empty. (There is only one person who can fill your life and His name is Jesus Christ).

You can have all the best friends, best contacts and all the things around you within your reach, but you can be the most lonely person under the sun on this earth, Therefore, if you are going through this kind of life where everything seems to be meaningless, hopeless, purposeless and your life seems to be drifting just like that empty boat being tossed here and there, with no direction in life. Everything in life has come to a stand still. Just as the boat was being tossed up and down among the waves, you are allowing your life to go as how things work its way out. And you are in that situation where you say, "God I feel this empty situation, is difficult for me to cope up with" I can't face them, I can't stand. (Remember my child of God, believe for you have hope in the word of God, you have life in the word of God; you have all the answers in the word of God).

You have a door that will open through the Word of God. Jesus Christ said, "I am the door. There fore, if you are here asking God to show you the way, "Jesus said, I am the Way Truth and the life" (john 14:6). If you are asking God to show you a door, again Jesus said, I am the Door" (John 10: 9). And when God opens the door for you, "No man can shut the door for you (Rev. 3:8). If you are asking God for a way and saying that you are in absolute darkness and do not know which door is open for you or which path of life He has for you or His plans for you. It seems that darkness is just all over you, though natural light is around me. But Jesus said, "I am the light of life." (John 8:12). If you say, "God you must set me free from all these problems, and difficulties, I cannot take them; I cannot carry them any longer. I cannot bear them any longer". Again, Jesus said, "If the Son set you free, you are free indeed" (John 8:36). Therefore, beloved, Jesus is your Way, He is your Door, He is your light. He is the one who will set you free. (You have hope in Christ Jesus). Those boats were standing there, just being tossed up and down in life. Knowing not the people who owned them, the people who are supposed to take care of them, look after their welfare, the Bible says, they had left the boats; empty and alone, and that is where it caught the attention of Jesus, if you feel empty and insecure in life today. My beloved, the one who will come close to you, today and forever, is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He will come into your life when you are most lonely, when no one is around you. When nothing can attract or distract you, then Jesus is attracted to you when we wonder why we are going through this kind of life, why do I feel forgotten in life, why do I feel let down in life, why do I feel forsaken in life. My beloved, it is because God wants to have to have a personal encounter with you. He wants to be attached to your life. God wants to take over your life. God wants to save your life and give you eternal life.

Therefore, as Romans 8:28 says, "All things work together for good for those who love the Lord, to those who are called according to His purpose". The devil may mean and plan for everything bad, but my God will work it for good (Gen 50: 20). The plan of the devil is now taken over by God in our life. No matter how the situation may look for you, you have a hope today, there is a door that is open for you today, because of Jesus Christ.

These boats that are discarded and left alone, forsaken and being tossed up and down, and there Jesus sees them. Likewise, Jesus is seeing you today, my beloved wanting to come and take over your life. Then, Jesus come to one of the boats and asked the owner Simon to put it on to the little of from the land. There were multitudes of people on one side, Jesus wanted this boat. Simon Peter had just returned after fishing that night but had not caught any fish. He was utterly depressed and troubled and was wondering about this unusual incident in his life.

If something unexpected ever happens to a believer or to even anyone of you, count it for good, because God is entering your life. These was so unexpected for this man Simon, He couldn't accept this. He was a skilled and professional fisherman in his field yet he couldn't catch even one fish. Jesus approached him and asked him for his boat and Simon gave it to Him. He met a man with whom he never had any personal encounter before. He never knew Him as a man of God; he had never known Him as the Son of God. He had never followed Him before but probably had heard of Jesus in the neighborhood. And as the multitudes watched, Jesus asked Simon for his boat and he gave it to Him. That was the time when Simon was totally depressed, worried, troubled because all his labor in the night was in vain. He also had a lot of things to attend to in life. He had to attend to the take care to his daily expenses, as he had not caught any fish that night, he had to feed his family. He had a lot of things to do and that is the time Jesus asked him to give Him his boat. That was an offering that He gave unto God; that was a sacrifice he made unto God. Simon Peter, right from the very beginning it was sacrifice unto God. Giving is not a sacrifice. This is a sacrifice that was going to affect him, and was going to cost him. He was giving his boat to Jesus in the time of his needs; giving in the time of sorrows; he was giving in the time of his utter depression. He was giving in the time of his utter trouble.

When we have everything it is easy to give, but when we have nothing, and in trouble and in great trials and misery, and when you give at that time that is what is going to bring the miracle. Simon did not know any of this. That was the first time he is meeting Jesus, yet he sacrificed his boat. Sacrifice is time for God. He had all the responsibilities to carry out that day, his family affairs to attend to, and yet he gave his boat to Jesus. Simon was right there all the way with Jesus. He could have easily given his boat to Jesus and left it; he could have said that he had to attend to his responsibilities, yet he stayed with Jesus.

When you and I come in to that place, nothing else matters but serving God. That is where the power of God comes. It is sacrifice that is what it brings the power and the blessings of God. Bible is full of sacrifice. God is a God of sacrifice. He gave His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is full of sacrifice.

Though Simon didn't have great understanding of Jesus, though he didn't have a great knowledge about Jesus, though it was a first encounter of him with Jesus, nothing much could be expected from Simon. But one I really admire the greatest wisdom that any man could ever have, because Jesus Christ is the Wisdom. He is the wisdom Proverbs. He is the wisdom of God. HE told Simon to take the boat into the water. He brought Simon to a place that he cannot leave the boat and go. Jesus was a carpenter's son and it was the first time that Simon is met Jesus and there are multitudes of people surrounding Jesus. Surely, Jesus would have had hundreds of friends there. Peter would have probably thought, if I leave my boat with this unknown man, and all his friends, no money, no friends and even my boat might also go and lost. So, Simon chose to be with Jesus even for a reason that he wanted to be. And Jesus in His greater wisdom than Simon, said, "Get into the water a little". That compelled Simon to be in the boat. He had no choice. He could not just leave the boat in the water with Jesus and get off, because he thought he might lose his boat. So, he decided to be with the boat, but Jesus thought the other way, "I will keep him there because I know what he thinks". So he told, Simon to be there with Him by the boat. In your problems, in your trials, in your difficult situations you may wonder shy God is not attending to you quickly, you may wonder why God is not removing those obstacles from you quickly. It is because God wants you to come with Him into the water. God wants you to leave the world and come out for Him. God want you to be disconnected from the world and all the pleasures of this world and all the filth and nastiness of this world. Or the evil lust of this world and come into the kingdom of God.

These are the days to stand on the shore and listen to Jesus. These are the days to get into to the boat with Jesus. These are the days to come out of the world. You might have been used of all the things of this world; your parties, your friends and your dances and all your filth. Leave them all beloved children and come into the kingdom of God. Come into the glory of God; come into the power of God. God is going to do something great for you in your life. No matter what your reason would be, just come out of the boat and be with Jesus. And say Lord, I coming into the water. I'm not staying in the land. I'm not going to be with my people. I'm not going to be with my old life. I'm not going to think of my past. I'm going to come into the newness of life in Christ Jesus. If you are ready for that, today is your miracle day.

Today is your power of God in your life. And today is the day that you are going to loose the plan of the devil in your life. Come into the water with Jesus, you may not know what's' going to happen. Jesus said, "Take into the water Simon. And Jesus was in the boat with Simon in the water. Simon had no choice. Jesus took him into the water, so that he would not leave Him and go away. If He has kept him right on the shore, there was always a possibility that Simon could have got down and told his friends take care of his boat, and then go. But Simon could not do that either. Jesus brought him out into the water. Sometimes, your friends will leave you; they may not like you anymore because your lifestyle has changed. Sometimes they will not want to see you, you will not receive the same invitations for the same parties, well, don't go asking for invitations, if they don't invite you that is for good, Jesus said.

God is so great, He will get at your place, because it doesn't do God any good, it is going to do you good to come to Jesus and let Jesus handle your life. Therefore, when your friends doesn't treat you the same, when you old friends forsake you, count it for good my beloved. Because you are in the right path with the right person going to the right place. Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Jesus told Simon to launch into the deep and let down his nets for a catch. This was something very strange for Simon. He was telling Simon as if he knew the water, as if that he knew the sea; He knows all things even before they were formed. But Simon did not know then, when Jesus told him to go into the deep, there he would get his catch. Jesus was taking Simon into a better place for God has plans for him. … My plans towards you is peace…(Jeremiah 29: 11 "I will prosper you as your soul prosper and be well…."(3 John 1:2). You can ask God... and tell Him of His promises to prosper you. "Be still and know that I am God…"(Psalms 46:10). He never changes (Hebrews 13:8). So, we only wait with God and ask God why are these happening to me. So have not gone to the deep with Jesus yet, you have not dared to believe Him, you have not yet dared to trust Him in the deep… you have not dared to obey Him.. Now Jesus is inviting you to come to Him. For you will not get all your blessings by simply standing in the shallow shore waters. With just a once week coming to church, one Sunday a week or one Friday.

In the shallow water you will not get what God has given us through Christ Jesus… Come to Jesus and be with Jesus all the time, there are the blessings that you could probably ask and think for. "Sin is increasing, but we know that His grace abounds much more…"(Romans 5: 20). The defeated enemy (devil) is making difficult for you to come into the presence of God. He is making it difficult for you to trust the Living God. But today, if you are willing and obedient you will eat the fruit of the land. (Isaiah 1:19). That is the plan and the purpose of God in your life. That is the desire of God, if you only dare to believe Him and if you have the audacity to believe Jesus for everything. You will surely see the power of the Living God in your life.

Simon never told Jesus anything. He was obedient to Jesus despite of his responsibilities towards his family that he could have easily reason out to Jesus that he has a family and its affairs to attend to and just leave Jesus in the shore. But Simon, choose to be with Jesus and obey Him for all that He asked him to do. Simon, dared to believe the word of God, dared to trust Jesus on His word. And as a result, Simon found a big catch on that day. What about us today, because we don't take Him at His word. We are not prospering today, because we don't' take Him at His word; we don't wait with Him at His word. His word is life and spirit. He who loves my word has great peace. John 6:63, Psalm 119: 165, Psalms 29;11. He gives peace to His people. God of Israel gives strength and power to His people. Psalm 68:35.

He loads His people everyday with benefits…Psalm 16: 19. His hand is not shortened that He cannot deliver you and blesses our lives. Isaiah 52:1. Why are we struggling then, because you and I cannot believed Him, we don't have the audacity to believe and trust His word. We believe everything on this earth except this word of God.

When we were in Holland ministering there in the Euro Convention. God has impressed me that He is going to heal little children of their eyes. Two families came, and one of them is with eight years old girl wearing sunglasses. She has been wearing these glasses for 5 years. And we prayed. After the service got over and everyone are just leaving the auditorium, a father came over and told me that Pastor the eyeglass of my daughter is inside my pocket now. After you prayed her eyes became normal and the pain went off, he said that he doesn't need the eyeglass anymore. The child has the audacity to believe when a man of God prays, Jesus answers.

Simon took Jesus at His word, that's why that great miracle of big catch happened that day. Take this word into your heart; take this word into your life. Exodus 33:14, says "My presence with go with you and I will give you rest". He loves you for His word and promises are for His children. Everything is in His word. There is life in this word; there is power and healing in His word. There is victory in His word. For the Word is God. We are to be blame if we are not receiving what God has for us through Christ, because we don't believe in His word.

You might have tried for years, but it doesn't stay that long into your hands what you have toiled. You money may not be staying long in your hands; your health may not be that good for you all the time; family may not be staying with you because of differences. Now is the time for you to believe in the word of Jesus and take His word for He holds everything by the power of His word, Hebrews 1:3.

"Because they do not believe in Me" God says. John 16:9. It is the plans of God to bless you and heal you. The Bible says, '... That we should prosper and be in good health as our soul prospers".

Remember, God will not leave you unless you are fully blessed. For He knows our weaknesses. He knows our shortcomings; He knows very well that we would not be able to make it at all, because without Him we can do nothing. Therefore, just believe because He who started a good works in you, He will also complete it "Phil. It is worth trusting Jesus… with Jesus we have no risk. He will keep you until the end.

God has a plan for you. God has a promise for you. There is a purpose that God has for you. For He has all these things preserve for you in Christ and it shall not be taken by anyone. It is for you, your name is written that this blessing is for you. Before you were knit in the womb of your mother, He already knew you, the moment you accept Him as your Savior and Lord, you will receive every blessing that has been given and kept for you in heaven. So anything that you don't have it now it is already in heaven. Therefore, do not confess that we don't have but rather confess that we haven't' received it yet. Remember, He is a faithful God. He calls into being that which was not. He will get them all into being. Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, what the Lord has prepared for those who love Him. (1 Cor 2: 9).

Believe the word of God. Because one word from God will make things happen for you. Now meditate on the word of God day and night and believe for your success and prosperity is in the Word of God. Joshua 1:8.

Jesus told them to lay all their nets, but only one has been laid by them, yet the boats were filled. Jesus Christ when He begins to work in your life, what you asked, what you believe, you are going to receive much more what you have expected, think or imagine.

One boat took the beating of the waves, took the risk of going to the deep of the sea and dared to believe, the other boats just stood by the shore, but standing for the boat that went into the deep of the sea. Wives, husbands, children, if you stand together in the ministry; leaders / church if you are attach to a man of God, if you stand with a man of God who walks with the greatest of all. When you receive the reward it will be equal for everyone, who stood beside you. That's why get attached to the anointing in a man of God rather than the knowledge of a man of God. You must always go after to the anointing of the Holy Spirit, because it is the anointing that brings us together, it is the anointing that breaks every yoke of the enemy. Get always connected to the church that moves in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

God is no respecter of persons. What He has planned, He is faithful to give them to his people. He loves you. Parents encourage your children to be found always in the house of God, participating in every church activities and services. And the reward will always be equally distributed. Simon, after seeing the entire miracle that Jesus performed; he humbles himself and told Jesus to depart from him. He found who Jesus was. He now knows the truth and the truth has set Simon free. (John 8:32). The truth is to know the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

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