Step-By-Step into God's Promises

Little by little, step by step into the promises of God. Beloved,

God wants us to have peace, God's word says in Isaiah 26: 3 - "I will hold him in perfect peace". Whose mind is stayed on me, God says. Beloved peace means its safety, security, shelter, satisfaction & surplus. Romans 5: 1 says we have peace with God through Christ Jesus, Psalms 119: 165 says, great safety, great security, great shelter, great satisfaction and great surplus for those who love the laws of God. The Laws of God is the word of God. In John 17: 14 says, my peace I give to you, Isaiah 9: 6 says His name shall be called the prince of peace. Today, the peace of God is going to be imparted into every one. Jeremiah 29:11 says, my thoughts towards you is never to harm you, III John 2 says, May you prosper and be well as your soul prospers. It is the father heart of God. In Genesis 1 : 26 God says, be fruitful, multiplied and blessed and have dominion over all things. God wants to take us into the Promised Land.

Those of us who are born again, God's spirit is taking us every day into the Promised land. Promised land is not in Heaven it is here on earth. God's promises are here, now. God wants to give you the peace - safety, security, sheltered, satisfaction & surplus. God has determined to bless you and take you into the promises of God.

Let us see how He wants to take us step by step into the promises of God. He has given us promises for everyday, and wants to take us to the Promised Land. Some of us may think why God I have not experienced the promises of God. Why God we may ask sometimes. In Exodus 34:10 when He told Moses, Behold I make a covenant. Before all your people, I will do marvels such as have not been done in all the earth, not any nations, and all the people among whom you shall see the work of the Lord, For it is awesome thing that I will do with you. Observe what I command you this day, behold, I am driving out from before you, the Amorite, the Canaanite, the Hittite, the Perizzite, and the Hivite and the Jebusite.

My beloved, why is it that you and I are not able to enter the promised land of God, because there are still Amorites in the land. You are the promise of God; your life is the promised land of God. still you and I are not able to reap the promises of God, why, the Amorite, the Canaanite, the Hittite, the Perizzite, and the Hivite and the Jebusites are still there. But you have good news today that God will drive them out, but you and I are called not to have an attachment with them. If you have any attachment with any of these fellows, God cannot drive them out.

Jesus has rendered the works of the devil powerless by beloved. But if you and I have attachment to the pleasures of this world, lusts of this world, then God cannot drive them out. You and I become only hearers of the promises, not doers.

Therefore we go through the New Testament; Matthew Ch. 15; we see about a Canaanite woman who came to Jesus for a specific purpose. She came to Jesus and called him Lord; she had a desperate need in her life. Her own daughter was dying, she said "have mercy on me O Lord", and she believed that Jesus is capable to meet her need.

She was a Gentile woman, which means she was out of the promises of God, She was not qualified to receive the promises of God, yet she had a need and she saw the one who could answer her, who will not send her away.

No matter what your background is, where you have come from, there is only one who could meet your need that is Jesus Christ.

She called him Lord, and son of David, she reminded Jesus of the covenant relationship where he has promised to bless the people. Even though she was outside the promises of God, yet she believed that she can receive the promises of God, she was reaching out into the promise of God.

You may be anyone, from any background; you can still reach out and take the promises of God. He is the living and loving saviour.

She also reminded him that not only you are a loving and promise making and promise keeping God, I am standing outside the promise, yet I come to you, because I have a need. She was from a very affluent background, yet she came to Jesus for help for her daughter's healing. She was open to say I am under a curse, will you not help me. But Jesus was silent, he did not respond. When God is silent, it means you are going to get more than what you ask,

The disciples took advantage and said Jesus, she is coming after us, send her away, she is gentile, To such people Jesus said, I was not send except to the lost sheep of Israel. Jesus was confirming what she was telling, son of David, and the covenant that salvation comes through the Jews.

But everyone who calls on the Lord Jesus Christ is saved, that is the will of the Father, Jesus was telling them that even though she was outside the promise but she knows the truth. This has encouraged her and saw hope in Jesus. His love is far greater than you and I think, when he has chosen to love you; he will love you until the end.

She came to Jesus for her daughter's healing, same way you may be looking for an answer to your cry, looking for a job, for your child to be blessed, you want Jesus to look into your problem and settle it for you, be it financial, physical, or spiritual, like this woman who wanted her daughter to be freed and live, but God has something more to give you, the peace the God, which is safety, security, shelter, satisfaction & surplus.

Now, when God opened the door she turned from her daughter to herself - she saw the door of salvation in Jesus, therefore she says, Lord help me to come into the kingdom of God. When she knew that because of the promises of God she has access to the blessings of god, she forgot her daughters problem, She said, Lord help me! She began to search herself and said forgiveness of sin is far more important than her daughter healed. You must also say forgiveness of sin is far more important than your job visa or any other material blessings. What is it that you have come to Jesus for, but you need to be washed in the blood of Jesus and all sins be forgiven,

That is why Jesus said to her it is not good to take children's bread and give to dogs. That means a dog is a slave, child is an heir - liberty. Romans 8: 17 says, if sons, you are heirs, and co-heirs with Christ Jesus.

What Jesus meant was that as a child I am now placing you at the table with my Children, I am removing all obstacles, and ordinances of the law and placed them on the cross, Jesus lays no conditions when you believe Jesus as your Lord and saviour, you can come and sit with him on the table.

You don't have to be slave to sin that is why he used the word dog.

1. Now come to the first part, Amorites, God says I will chase the Amorites out, they have made you slaves. This is for those who are already in the promises of God, but not enjoying the full benefits. Who is Amorite, it's pride, prominence. When Adam fell the devil has brought this desire into men to have prominence. We want attention, attraction from others. Promoting our families, promoting ourselves, we need to get rid of this Amorite from our lives, don't have any contract with the pleasures, lusts of this world. If you have any contract with them God cannot drive them out, Kill that old man, Amorite come out.

2. Secondly -Canaanite - self pity, rejection. My beloved, we console ourselves with self- pity. Don't be subject to the spirit of rejection. When Moses told God that I can't talk, God said, you can very well talk, I created you,

May be something that has happened in your childhood, that you have developed a spirit of rejection that I am not educated, not beautiful, I am not brought out this way, I am shy, but my beloved, everyone in the word of God they were taken as no body and God has seated them in that places.

Don't wait for your approval and acceptance from the world; look for the acceptance of the one who created you. You need to clear this Canaanite out of your life. I am not going to be rejected, my approval is from God; I will sit with my Lord Jesus.

3. Third dog - Hittites means - fear in every thing you do. You attract fear, for no reason. My beloved why do you fear when God has said in the Bible 366 times 'fear not'. The whole word of God is for you, and why do you fear when God said every hair of your head is counted, and he said I will never leave you nor forsake you and he has committed fully to take care of your life.

Get the fear out of your life.

4. Fourth dog, Perizzites - un-forgiveness: Why I should forgive when I pray miracles happen, We must get that dog out of our life, we were yet sinners God forgave us, and we were all aliens, and wicked ones, yet God has forgiven all our sins and made us his own. Therefore we must learn to bless others, and get the perizzite dog out of our lives.

5. Fifth dog, Hivittes - rebellion. I know God's voice, who is servant of God to tell me!

We must say, I am not going to rebel against God's word, God's authority. No rebellion against parents, employers. We must be obedient in all places, and Hivittes be brought out today.

6. Sixth dog - Jebusites - defilement of your body, unholy desires, behaviors and fantasies in mind that is why Jesus said to resist the devil. He has rendered the works of the devil powerless. Jesus has made an open show of the devil, therefore resist the devil. If you and I have an attachment God cannot drive them out.

Come out of the Jebusites, ask Jesus to help you, then you are automatically walking into the promises of God.

Jesus told the woman, you are to be a child, you are no more a dog, When you turn aside from all these habits, you are no more a slave but a child.

Jesus also told her (very few people got this answer in the word of God) "Woman great is your faith let it be to you as you desire". She came for her daughter's healing, but when she found Jesus as her Lord, she got all the blessings.

We may have many complaints, but what he is and what he has done for us is far greater than all our complaints. We must believe that His blood has set us free and we have life and life eternal.

Now you have driven all these dos out, all the promises are yours. When believed that Jesus is more than all her problems, then Jesus said, whatever you desire take it, all are yours. After coming into the promises, and driven out all the dogs out, let it be as you desire.

Step-by-Step you can enter into God's promises.

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