Jesus Christ the Risen Saviour
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We all celebrate; we rejoice that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. Some call it Easter, some call it the resurrection day. My beloved, this is a day that we all remember (not only that every day we all must remember) that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. But the whole earth is celebrating a day as Easter (by those who are outside the Church) For those who are in the Church, this truth is emphasized everyday and believe that Jesus is risen from the dead.

When Jesus died on the cross 2000 years ago, there were two thieves put on either side of the cross. There was a thief one side and another thief on the other side. One of the thieves mocked Jesus, he did not believe on the Son of the most high God, he mocked Jesus, but the other thief believed on Jesus, and he turned to Jesus, Jesus was suffering, blood was pouring down Jesus body, every part of his body was nailed on the cross. Because Jesus loved you so much, He went to the cross because Jesus loved you so much, because Jesus loved me so much. He told Jesus, Lord, when you come into your kingdom, remember me. When you are risen from the dead, please remember me. He cannot establish a kingdom until he rises from the dead. This man believed that Jesus Christ who is on the center cross is a righteous man, He is more than an ordinary man, He is God in flesh and He can rise up. He will rise up and he will have an eternal kingdom. Therefore he told Jesus, Lord, when you come into the Kingdom remember me. Both the thieves were dying on the cross for the crime they have dome, for the sins they have committed they were sentenced to death. But in the center the most simple Lamb of God, taking away the sins of the whole world, He is also sentenced to death. My beloved, when Jesus heard this statement, his belief, the broken hearted person, saying Lord, when you are risen, when you come into your kingdom, remember me, He said I am a sinner, I am an awful person, dying for my sin, I did not believe the living God, I did not do good things, I am dying for my sins, but I know you will rise up form the dead, I know who you are, therefore remember me.

My beloved, If you can tell this word now, Lord I am an awful person, I have sinned many times in my life, forgive my sins, remember me Lord, today is eh day the plan of satan, all his plan on your life, is all cancelled. This man was gong to see his death, he was sentenced to die, but the very destiny of that man was changed at that moment, because he believed Jesus will rise from the dead and establish His kingdom.

1. First the plan of Satan is cancelled :

Today if you believe on the one who can change that plan, who can change your destiny, there is only one person who can change your destiny, your future, that is Jesus Christ. You may be facing awful things in life, things for which you have no answer, you may be wondering God what is going to happen to me tomorrow, to my family. My beloved, Jesus Christ can change your tomorrow now, He can settle your tomorrow now, if only you believe He is risen form the dead, Jesus was also dying for your and my sins, that was the most weakest moment in his life, blood was coming out of His body, it was with excruciating pain all over his body, for your sake and my sake. Even at the weakest moment of his life, if Jesus can cancel the plan of Satan how much more He can cancel it now when He is seated at the right hand of the Father. If the weakness of Jesus can cancel the plan of Satan, how much more the strength of God, the power of God today.

Jesus was also dying, he was also going to give up his life, and then he has changed the destiny of that sinner, how much more Jesus can change the destiny of you now. Everyone, no matter who you are, believe that Jesus is risen form the dead. Every plan of Satan is cancelled by the power of the risen saviour. We must lift our hand and say 'Thank you Lord I receive it.

2. Secondly, Your position is put back along with Christ Jesus.

Jesus restores your life back to Himself. After Jesus has risen from the dead, he has been revealing himself to the disciples; Peter and other disciples had gone back to their ways. You can repent and come back to Jesus, he wants to restore your life back to him today, he want s to re-instate you, Today Jesus wants to restore you, re-instate you back to Himself. Today is a day of restoration and reinstatement.
Jesus trusted him; Jesus called him the rock, and said I will build my Church on my rock, through the revelation on you. All these promises were given to Peter; the keys of heaven were given to him. Now this man who followed Jesus had gone away, Are you in a situation that you
That Jesus had from the Father about Peter, the keys of heaven is given to him, now this man who followed Jesus had gone away. All promises were given to peter, My beloved are you in a condition that you can't pray, you don't have the joy of salvation, you feel very discouraged inside you, You have been a Christian but still you don't have the joy in your life, you don't have the power of God in your life, you seem to be going away from God, drifting away from God, from his holiness, Are you the one going back from his promises, today God wants you to come back.

Couple of days after Jesus was raised form the dead, Peter had gone back to his old profession, Today, Jesus wants to restore you back to him, If you gone back from the Lord, not worshipping, him, not following him, not coming to Church, not doing what God has sent you to, you feel discouraged, depressed, you feel that everything is lost, and there is no joy, you feel there is nothing good in being a Christian, no miracle happening in your life, you have been looking at the miracles, and not the author of the miracles, you have been looking at healing and not looking at the one who is risen from the dead, What has caused you to get away from God, Is it the sickness, Is it someone has offended you, Why can't you pray, Why can't you rejoice, why can't you praise, but today you can comeback to Jesus, The love that came back to Peter, come back Peter. The love of Jesus can restore you to himself, because he is raised from the dead. You may have fallen from the grace, but today you can come back to Jesus. The love of Jesus can stretch to all, to every corner, so that you can come back to Jesus. He is the risen saviour, he will forgive you, he will draw you to him, Why did you withdraw from Him, has the cares of this world, or what has made you to withdraw from Jesus.

He is drawing nigh unto you, His love cannot be without you, He is risen from the dead to call you back into his kingdom. Because of the resurrection of Jesus today you can be back with him. When Adam sinned the whole mankind fell into sin, we all have inherited the sin death because of Adam's sin through Satan.

When Jesus came , rose from the dead Bible says, He put us into a position better than Adam's. Because of the death & resurrection of Jesus, you and I don't have to come back to the state of Adam. You and I can go back to a place where we can sit with Jesus Christ.
That is Bible restoration, which is you can come back t a better place with God, More than what you lost, you can come back to God, how far you have gone away from the God, you can come closer to Jesus. You can cross the place where you were earlier and get to a closer place with Jesus.

We are not coming back to a place of Adam, but to a place with Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Jesus Christ is the last Adam, today he is drawing you closer to him. You don't have to be discouraged about the lost time.

You don't have to be discouraged and say I lost time, all my years have gone, and today you are positioned back along with Christ Jesus when He rose from the dead.

Disciples when they were all in that upper room, frightened when Jesus went there, and said Peace be unto you. My beloved today the Holy Spirit declares the peace of God in your life. Many are suffering without peace, family problems, some with horrible dreams and nightmares. Many are smiling outside, but there is groaning, weeping inside, there is a crying inside, dying inside, Who will understand you my beloved, that is why he came risen from the dead, and said 'peace be unto you'. Let the peace of God descend into your spirit now. Your tomorrow has been purchased already, and your today has been taken care off by Jesus. Therefore rejoice and say I receive the peace of God now. Jesus has breathed his resurrected life into the nostrils of the disciples. As God breathed life into Adam, Jesus has breathed his resurrected life into the disciples.

Today as Jesus is seated on the right hand side of the Father, we have a resurrected life; it's a life over Satan, life over death, and a life over sin. Death has been swallowed in victory my beloved. you don't have to be a slave to sin, a slave to smoking, a slave to lust of the flush, a slave to immoral behavior, You can live a victorious life over sin, over sickness, poverty and all atrocities that may come against you, because Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. When you believe it is possible for you to have a victorious life, Only with Christ Jesus, From Christ Jesus you can have a victorious life.

3. Thirdly the peace from the Lord God Almighty:

The peace and the life eternal & life everlasting and the life over Satan, sin and temptation, you don't have to give into temptation, you go on with the power of the risen Lord Jesus Christ

4. Your prayer life will be revived.

Many of our prayers are not answered, we may say why Lord, Jesus said in John 16: 23, 24 & 25 "on that day you will ask in my name, and it shall be done for you in my Father's name". Beloved by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name you can improve your prayer life. If you pray Father, in the name of the risen Saviour Jesus Christ, your prayers will be revived.

God will open up a faith and power inside you, confidence and assurance inside you that every prayer will be answered. Let your prayer life be revived and re-vitalized by God. Your dull and unanswered prayer life will be changed. Prayer is the place you and God become one, through Jesus Christ risen from dead. Powers of darkness will disperse by the name of the risen Saviour Jesus Christ.

5. You will prosper:

You are going to have plenty and profit. Jesus says as the soul prospers, may you be well. Luke 18: 29-30 says, "If anyone left house, or wife or brothers or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God, (or Gospel's sake), you will have many fold more in this present age and eternal life. For you to have prosperity & plenty you must put your priority right. There must be a place, time, and decision in your life that is only for God, He must be the priority in your life. Jesus said I have come so that you will have life and life in abundance.

When the disciples toiled all night and did not catch anything, Jesus came and told them to put your net on the right side. You must have the right relationship, right thinking, right talking, right doing, everything must be right in the sight of God because He has made you the righteousness' of God. Right side is not only the physical location, but the spiritual location as well, are we doing the right thing, in right manner, in spirit and in truth, Are we in the right place seeking the living God, As the Angel said why are you seeking the living God among the dead, Why are you seeking the living God in the dead places. Churches, families, life are dead now a days because of sin and unbelief.

When you call someone, when look for something; you always look to the right side. God must find you at the right side, you must be found blameless, right in the sight of God, then you will prosper, plenty, profit.

When the disciples put the net on the right side they had a big catch, when they came to the shore, Jesus has prepared fire and the fish and Jesus was standing on the shore to receive them. Jesus is seated at the side of the Father waiting to receive us at the eternal shore. We are close to the eternal shore, but we are still not profiting, not prospering. As the disciples said to Jesus, they were toiling all night, we are still toiling and loosing. Because you are not doing the right thing in the right place. Before we go to the eternal show we are going to take the big catch, and we are not going to handle it by ourselves. Jesus let them have the catches; Jesus will let you have all your blessings.

All you who toil hard, Jesus will bless you with plenty as the disciples had plenty, so if you put your priorities right you will have much more in this world, You will live like and king and go to the king of Kings.

6. Jesus said wait in Jerusalem, I will send you my Father's promise.

That is the power of the Holy Spirit. 40 days after his resurrection Jesus ahs ascended to heven and after1 10 days He has send the holy Spirit, that's the power, His power is in the Church today. You need power to love someone, Power to bless others, power to love a holy life, power to heal the sick and power to say no sin, and be at the right place for God.

We all like power, but Jesus gives power not to lie, power not to take revenge, not to slander, back bite, not to cast cynical joke on others, power to do good. Power to forgive and bless others, power not to pass news to others, We should not be middle man to pass on news from one to other, because Jesus has died on the cross as the middle man we should not be passing news to others. Never gossip, never slander. Don't be a middle person, lest God judge you.

Without the Holy Spirit power you cannot bless others.

7. Finally the plan of God in the life of every one to be fulfilled.

The plan of God is that you and I be the witnesses to his resurrection. That's why He has saved you. Jesus said, "when the Holy Spirit comes upon you shall receive power and be witnesses unto me " Acts 1: 22 & 2: 33 "we are witnesses to his resurrection". When they see your life full of love and leading a holy life others will know that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. It is not possible to love the unlovable.

The plan of God is to God is to be the witnesses to his resurrection.

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