Beloved, We read in Luke' Gospel 6: about a man Jesus healed on a Sabbath day.

Jesus goes into a synagogue on a Sabbath day, where people were all seated and were watching what the Son of man was going to do. Bible says there was a man whose right hand was withered, and the eyes of the scribes and Pharisees were watching Jesus if he would heal on a Sabbath day. Their eyes were not moved with compassion for the man, but they were watching Jesus, as it was not lawful to do any thing on a Sabbath day. They did not understand that the laws of God was beyond man's limits, The laws of god is the love of God, and the love of God is above every law, it will go any extent to set the captives free. It will go to any extent to heal you and to give you the needed miracle in your life.

No one can put a limit, stop to the Love of God, No one can put boundary to the love of God. No one can set measurement to the love of God, The Bible says, the love of god is beyond measure.

They were in the Church, but not to help any one, but with eyes of criticism, eyes of fault finding; now they are meeting someone with whom they could never cope with. Jesus Christ tolerates no wickedness in this last days, Wickedness is broken in these last days by the power of God,

These people were literally wicked people, checking what Jesus would do to a needy person.
This man also was a regular person to the Synagogue that is why they were watching for he was a needy man. They never cared to ask him his need and help,

We see people week after week and never care to ask them how we should help; now they are worried how Jesus could help them,

This man was regular to the Synagogue listening to the word of god, hoping one day Jesus would heal him; God will visit him and touch him. His hope is going to receive the miracle today. The Pharisees very well knew that this man needed help, as they were regularly seeing him and his condition. How many of us pass by a broken, needy person every day with out helping.

My beloved, the problems of people, pains of people, we have become very used to it, and we don't care for others. Today Jesus is going to give us a new heart of compassion, a new cleansing to help others.

1. This man's right hand was withered, had no shape. Every thing that God makes has a divine concept, purpose behind it. He is the divine architect, everything what man makes also is designed to something, and it has a shape, and a purpose, and has measurements. God has designed man to have a purpose in life. This man's right hand was withered, and does not function to its purpose. God has a purpose for our life, and if we cannot function to that, we become unproductive in life, you can't give out the best in your Office, family life, to God, the devil has made us to loose out shape, today God is going to make us whole and we become productive and become the best for people.

2. The withered hand has lost its shape, lost its beauty. Beauty stands for peace, when you have beauty of God, it is holiness unto God, Jesus said be ye holy as I am holy. We must ask God to make us beautiful, we must say, Lord make my life holy, make my thoughts holy, It is the inner beauty of holiness that brings inner joy and peace.

We must be able to say, God I want to come out of all my weakness, and have purity to live for you. Purity is love for God and man.

3. This withered hand has no life, the life of God is eternity, how many of us are sure where we are going, and do we have that assurance that we are the children of God. We must be born again, spirit filled with the peace and joy of God.

We must have continuation spirit, as Jesus said to continue in my faith, every opposition we face must be an opportunity to glorify God and face his grace.

4. Power is the ability to do what God has made us to do. We may be facing the power and authority, to stand boldly before any situation. It's to live like Jesus in dignity of God, to stand blameless before others, power to love, power to forgive, power to live honestly before men and God.

5. This withered hand is unstable. We also will have unstable lives, and faith at times. We must have stability and consistency with God. I will talk with Jesus; walk with Jesus, so that we will be consistent in our Christian life. Jesus Christ will walk with you when you makeup your life to be with him consistent

6. The withered hand was covered so that others don't see. If you and I are covering our sins, we will not prosper, if we confess our sins, Jesus will forgive and bless us. Don't condemn anyone but convict those who sin, help them to come out of their sins. We need one another to help others to come out of their evil habits. God has appointed men over you to be led in the life. There are people unable to share their difficulty, but we must help them to come out of their habits.

We must have the power of God to help others. When there is no vision people perish, when there is no people, vision stops. Don't look to any social, language difference; reach someone who you have never met.

We must help those who are needy, share with those who are unable to repay you. Let us not be appearing Christians, let us surrender to the plan of God, to the love of God and available for others.

7. Finally, the right hand side is the place where God wants you. When you loose some thing, you look on your right hand side. We must be found at the right place at the right time. God wants you to be available at the right hand side, be available at all times. The right hand side of God is what God has planned for you.

Everything is ordained by God, you must be found there. You must be in the right standing with God, at the right time.

Jesus said to the man to stand up and lift your right hand. Ask God to touch the place where you are unable. Jesus asked him to stretch out his hand in the midst of the people. This means, in the midst of your problem is your miracle. That man stood in the midst of all people looking at him with out helping, with criticizing eyes, Jesus made him well.

In the mist of your problem is your miracle. He has lifted his hand and was made well. We must lift all our problems to Jesus, who will make us well. His right hand was made like the other hand. This means, if you are at the right hand of Jesus, you are at his left side. Your right hand is made like the left hand, like Jesus. When you hand over your problems to Jesus you will be made like Jesus.

Jesus makes your life whole; this is the transformation miracle.

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