Saved and Healed
Beloved in Christ Jesus,

In Mathew's Gospel Chapter 15: 21 - 28 we read about a woman whose daughter was possessed by demon. She was a woman from the land of Zero Phoenicia. She was a gentile woman and she came to Jesus. She called Jesus 'Lord'. We see in verse 22 'have mercy on me O Lord'. She Called Him Lord.

My beloved children of God, she called him Lord. Even today, many call Jesus Lord.
We call him Lord, that's a call of praise. We need to approach Jesus proclaiming that His name is above every other name.

She began approaching Jesus because she was a woman of need. Her daughter was dying, possessed with a demon. There was death in her home; there was poverty in her home. There was scarcity in her home. There was freight and fear in her home, there was total anger in her home. Everything that the devil could do to her home was there. She knew the answer is only in Jesus, She knew Jesus could come and set her free. She was all out to get Jesus to her home. And as she approached Jesus, Bible says she called him Lord.

My beloved every one of us call him Lord, that's a name of esteem, name of honor, that's a name of reverence. How many of us call Jesus Lord today. Now as you come along with the message, as the father walks along with the son, the little child comes and asks the father, daddy, I want some thing today, I want this, I want that, and the father says I can give you, I have the ability to give you. I have the power to give you; I have all power to give you what I want. But you come along with me. And the little one looks at the father and say, because the little one has to get what he asked for, he walks with the father. And the father looks back to see, the little one is coming with me, he is following me, he believes me, he trusts me, he is depending on me, he is asking me, He is coming up with me, looking and grasping every thing from me. He is following every step I am taking.

Suddenly the father looks at the son / daughter and say this is what you wanted, just take it. And the child says, Daddy I got it dada, I got it and continue to walk . Daddy looks and see the little one is still coming, still following. Still asking, still waiting, still hoping, then the father says, come my little one, more than you ask I am going to give you. Now He gets more than what he asks, My beloved, that's the way in a church, That's the way in a massage, that is the way when the word of God comes to you.

Because the word of God is His, the power is His, the anointing is His, the glory is His, and he says everything belongs to Him, and if you and I follow the Holy Spirit what you need will be given to you, as you hear the word of God, suddenly you will say, Lord, it's for me, this is speaking to my situation, this is speaking to my life, this is speaking to my problem. This is speaking to what situation I am going through. Lord I believe, I take it in Jesus name, As you listen the word, as you follow the word, as you believe the word, as you trust the word, as you depend on the word, as you come along with the Holy Spirit and the message, you will get what God has to give you today. That's why don't wait for the beginning or any specific move of the spirit you are used to. Don't focus your eyes on to what you always have accustomed to.

Don't look on your past experiences and say, if I get that only I will receive the power of God, don't' ever cling around to some past experiences, or some man of God, or some great saint of God, It's only thorough His method only I will get it. The greatest of all is here his name is Jesus. He will give to you His way, and that's the final.

Therefore it is necessary that you and I follow the word of God, don't set your mind on any prescribed method or some magazine or some books, some preaching or some cassettes, no there is only one thing, in heaven and from there comes grace, the throne of the living God. Therefore come along with the Holy Spirit, and any time you will get your answer, may be a sickness, may be a job, or some problem, Jesus is here today,

This woman came and called him Lord. Lord and God like every one of us. Without knowing we all call him Lord, How do you know who is Jesus, How do you recognize him, Who is Jesus for you my beloved, Do you know that He is the word of God, Do you know that He is life & resurrection, Do you know that He is the prince of Peace? How do you know him? How do you call Him Lord? What does it mean to you when you call Him Lord? Do You know He is the lilly of the valley, Rose of Sharon, the counselor, the mighty one, the God of Israel, the wonderful, the redeemer, the savior, the Lord of Lords and king of Kings, the first fruit of resurrection, your elder brother, your high priest, The chief apostle, the chief cornerstone, He is the chief shepherd, How do you call Him Lord? Whom do you know Jesus to be my beloved? Every one calls him Lord, so we also call him Lord. Who is Jesus in your life, How do you believe in Him, Who is He to you today? Is He your savior; is he the Lord of your life?

Can you say, Lord, I surrender my life to you, Is He the Lord of every area of your life? Is he the Lord of your life when you are walking on the road? Is he the Lord of your life when you are eating your food? Is He the Lord of your life when you are in the pub?
Is he the Lord of your life when you are in the Office? That's why Jesus said, It is not all who calls me Lord, Lord will enter into the Kingdom of God. But he who does the will of my Father.

How this woman call Jesus Lord, because she wanted something from Jesus. She was in a helpless condition.

She called him Lord, because everyone told her to call him Lord, You have to praise him, that is not to entice him, that is not with a bad ulterior motive, which many of us do sometimes. She believed that He is great,

How many of us know Jesus as Lord of our life, He is the savior, He must be the Lord of every area of your life, every choice you make, He has to be the Lord of it.

Everything you write on paper in the Office, He has to be the Lord of it. Every claim you make, every thing you speak, every thing you eat, He has to be the Lord of it, and He is the king of kings and Lord of Lords.

If that's you today, you are in for a miracle. She recognized him Lord and also added that Son of David, If I call some one Christopher, there could be many Christopher's there, but If I call Christopher, son of Sebastian, there is no ambiguity.

She was holding on to the promises of God, She was approaching Jesus for an answer, for the life of her child, to raise her from every demonic oppression.

Jesus was a common name at that time, but when she called Jesus, son of David, she was holding the promises of God. She was asking for the person Jesus, whom the anointing is resting, She was asking for that person born on the lineage of David, who carries the power of God, plan of God in the life of people.

Some of us call Jesus Lord, without knowing who he is, without surrendering every area of our life to Jesus. We are enthroning our past, experience and achievements.

Today you call him Lord of your life, because he is seated at the right hand of God in heaven. He holds everything by the word of his power, every hair of your head is counted,

We are in the days when the son of God is going to display his glory among the gentiles, You are going to see the glory & power of god demonstrated n the church as never before., for that Holy spirit is telling me. You and I have to call him Lord - in our business, in family life,, He has to be the Lord of your life in every decision you make in your life and for your children.

All the promises of the Father are released through Him any by Him into our life by the Holy Spirit.

She said Son of David I will not go to any other, I will not believe and trust in any other because no one can help me, No one can be a substitute for Jesus in my life.

No one can take the place of Jesus in my life, He is Jesus, the Lord, the Savior, and my King. He will be my God forever and ever. How many of you can tell like that today ,I believe you. Don't take anything as substitute for Jesus. Jesus is God; He is the son of the highest God. He is the only begotten of the Father,

She said I want that Jesus who brings the promises of God.

When we come to Jesus we must know why we call him Lord, We must lift his name as the Lord of our lives. Jesus is all for us. The only begotten son of the father, He is God, He is almighty.

Jesus was listening everything, then the disciples came and told him, she is crying after us, Then Jesus started replying to the disciples.

1. She perfectly identified Jesus - She believed in Him and called him Lord. Everything we have is to be surrendered to the Lord; He is able to keep us to the end. Every organ of our body, our family, husband, wife, children - all I have I surrender to the Lord.

If you have just surrendered everything to the Lord, you should be praising God. Bible says in 2nd Timothy 1: 12 If you are still worried you have not surrendered, you have not believed, you have not accepted his word. Yet you still call Him Lord.

You and I need to rise up my beloved;
You and I need not be seated in the same old places again.
You and I need not walk the same roads again.
You and I need not see the same scenes again.

We must see new things in life,
We must walk the new roads in life, and
We must sit in high places in Christ.
We must never go back to the old roads, old scenes again.
We are called to rise and walk in the name of Jesus.

It's not because everyone calls Him Lord, I also call him Lord, without surrendering my life, my habits, my behavior, my talking, my looking, my laughing, and nothing is surrendered.

She called him Lord - perfect identity - Son of David. She said to Jesus, my daughter is severely demon possessed.

2. She expressed problem very specifically to the one who can definitely help her.

Some of us come to God, come to prayer and when asked what is your problem, nothing they say, You and I have to tell God our problem specifically. This woman expressed her helpless condition to the one who loved her most.

She was a respectable, educated woman, a woman of prosperity, money, and family status. We don't want to say I have a problem.

We must be open before God, because the simplest person who lived on this earth is Jesus Christ. He walked with the dignity of God, He was the King of Kings, robed with the most glamorous robe, yet the most simple, heaven and earth could find.

She expressed her helpless condition to Jesus, I can't cover it any more, I need to express to Jesus for an answer.

God is appreciating her openness, He is God and I am Man, and he is transforming to his likeness. We must say I am a nobody Lord, I am helpless.

Jesus was looking at her, disciples began to say, send her away, They were talking something contrary to the purpose Jesus came to this earth. Jesus looked at them and began to speak when disciples began to speak.

Whenever Jesus is silent, there is a miracle opening. (When Jesus was walking on the road to Emmaus after the resurrection, and has expounded the word of God to those men, the word was burning in their hearts. When they said it is late and stay with us, they did not know it was Jesus rose from the dead. Jesus said I am going) it appeared as though Jesus was not concerned, not answering her.

When God is waiting there is a miracle coming upon our life, it is worth the waiting, it is worth the asking, it's worth the believing, it's worth the persevering. Anything with Jesus is worth, my beloved.

When an obstacle begin to show up Jesus also begin to show up.
You think God is silent to your requests, you think God has forgotten you, no! God has discarded you, No! God has passed by you, No!. Whenever the enemy rises against you, Jesus also began to show up.

Jesus wanted her to believe in him more, Jesus said to her, I was sent except for the lost sheep of Israel. Jesus said everyone call me Lord, you also call me Lord, You believe that I am great, I have the miracle answer for you, I have the healing for you, I have the job for you, I have the peace for you. All these are fine but I want you to believe that I am the savior and I have come to save the lost sheep of Israel.

When she heard this she knew that she was talking to someone who can not just help her, but someone who mean business and have come to this world for a business and that is to save everyone in his name.

He was sent for Israel, but salvation opens through Israel to gentiles, it is for every one of us believed. Salvation is not for them only, but for everyone I love them also. You are the lost sheep of Abraham, and through him the salvation is open to everyone.

Jesus said you have believed that I have the power; she believed that I am the son of David; I have the promises of God, of Abraham. Therefore I am going to open the door of salvation to her.

She called him Son of David, -Jesus said, Yes, I am the one,
She called me Lord, Jesus says, yes I am the one,
You believed that I could help your daughter; Salvation is for my people also.

The disciples could not take it, the father heart of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the father.

Every spirit of judgment, criticism, fault finding is broken, critical judgment, criticism, all are nullified when Jesus comes into the scene.

He will never allow anyone to look down to another that is not the character of Jesus, if anyone is looking down on another man of God, someone condemning & judging, you don't resemble Jesus.

The demons are not carried away by the sound you make, but demons flee when you resemble Jesus.

Do you have the resemblance of Jesus Christ in you beloved, This is what the Church has to ask these days.

Therefore every spirit of judgment and condemnation, fault finding are all nullified in the name of Jesus, the supreme power of God., He loves you.

Jesus says those who believe in me are blessed, any country, religion, caste, ethnic group. Social background, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Call him the savior of the world and you have the same blessing that is from God.

She said, have mercy on me Lord; son of David, my daughter is severely demon possessed.

When she called him Lord, she dragged the daughter along with her. the moment the door of salvation is found by her . She said Lord help me now.

When we have a problem, we seek God, but God is interested to deal with our lives, cleanse our lives, to correct our lives, to purify our lives, to transform our lives.

The Lord wants to deal with you and me first, because there is a life transformation needed in my life. He wants to write our name in the book of life. He wants to give you eternal life.

Jesus said, if I gave your daughters problem solved you will go away form me and loose the eternity.

Jesus wants to save your life first,
She thought Jesus was a demon deliverer, healer, and job giver, just a comforter. Forgive me I have not surrendered my life to you completely, my talking is the same, my judging is the same, my criticisms is the same, my jokes are the same.
What I see with my eyes are the same, I have not surrendered,
We must say to the Lord, Lord, help me first, I have a problem, cleanse me first. I don't obey my parents, employers, I am a demanding person, rather than a believing person.

You and I have no right unless god says you can have it. It is not believing and claiming it; it's believing and receiving. Receiving means a giver is involved, if God does not give you and I cannot receive.

When we acknowledge that God as the provider, as my great God, I believe and receive all from you. I thought I could just believe and claim it.

When Jesus said Salvation was open to Jews, she began to worship him, She knew that she was nobody, all her problems put aside, she began to worship Jesus the one who has the breath of her life. I will worship the one who has made the heavens and the earth, who bring to being form that is not, who counts the stars in the sky, to whom every knee shall bow, every tongue confess, that He is the Lord.
God became great in her sight.

For some people they become great and God become equal or small.
She said Lord, I worship you, help my unbelief, purify my life.

When she began to worship Jesus, He said it is not good to give the bread of the children to the dogs. You may think it is a very offensive remark.

Jesus the Lord of love and compassion told her this way, daughter you have believed me, and that I am that promise of the Father. I am the messiah, I am the one who is the lineage of David, and salvation comes through Jesus to everyone who believes.

1st you wanted miracle, your daughter healed.
Now you wanted me, to worship me and said all I need is Jesus in my life. Then Jesus said to her, do you know I have a people called my children, I have a place for my own. I have a table laid for my children. I have a menu, I have all cutlery, all chairs ready, I have a place reserved for my children, I have a plan for my children, I have a purpose, a place, a provision, a position, a time, a blessing and heaven - inheritance for my children.

If someone has called you by a name, all are broken in the name of Jesus.

Now the Holy Spirit will remove every curse, spoken against your life, in the name of Jesus Christ.

If someone has called you dog, fool, uneducated, uncultured, adulterer, harlot, bad names, there is only one name in heaven, Jesus calls you 'my beloved'.

He loves you and he says you are not a dog.

I have a position for my children, because you have believed, you are no inferior to my children; it's the same food that you enjoy in Christ.

Some of us may give different food, places, for others inferior to us, but when Jesus calls you and sit with my children, you have come this far.

You have forgotten your problem; you have started to worship me. Jesus said, you saw my greatness and forgot your problems, in your glory I forgot my sorrows; in your riches I forgot my poverty. In your divine glory, I forgot my sickness, I forgot every thing earthy, and I think of heavenly, forever Jesus says you are mine.

She could not understand the great love of God, compassion of God, greatness of God, She said, what that spills out of the table is enough for me Lord, I am used to being low, down, taking it all on myself. She said that little is enough for me lord, Jesus said daughter great is your faith.

God gave her a contrast blessing, contrast commendation for her.

Because she believed the little mercy that drops from the father's table, to do great things for God, I know the faithfulness of God, power of God,

Jesus said great is your faith, it comes into operation at that point only, not at the door, when she said Lord help my daughter.

We call Lord and still sit at the door, not surrendered our life, our anger, our ego and all surrendered to Jesus.

To many areas of our lives, He is not the Lord, let us be Christians to the very core of the word, with love, purity, honesty, walking in the flavor all the time.

With that little your daughter is healed, that is where you can claim whatever you want.

People may ridicule you, mock at you, say send her away Lord, and you have to take it all.

It may appear that Jesus is not answering her, We have to pass through, all these, knowing that I know whom I believe.

When you say, Lord, it's not my past I am glorious about, it's not the problem, it's not burdens at this place, I give everything to you, I just walk along as a nobody, Lord, worshipping you as the king of kings and Lord of Lords.

At that place Jesus says, my son, my daughter, great is your faith, what you desire you take it, you believe and claim; until that time you believe and receive.

When God is everything for you take what you want.

Some may worship wife, their husband, their contracts, their family background, their family status, you and I must cut them all as Abraham cut them at mount Moriah.

You must cross this place and then Jesus will tell you go your family is blessed, go, you will have children, go, take your healing, go, make peace with your enemies, you will possess the land, you will sit with me in high places.

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