Reach Out and Take Your Miracle
Dear Beloved people of God,

As you follow this message, believe God loves you, believe God desires to bless you.

It's the plan of God to save you, to bless you and to prosper you, to heal you and give you life, life in abundance.

This is the eternal plan of God, He is your father, Jesus Christ your saviour, and your Lord, is seated on the right hand of God the Father today and forever.

Beloved as you listen now, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the living God will come up on you in the name of Jesus, Holy Spirit will reveal the power of the word of God, and the power of the risen saviour Jesus Christ in your life, because He loves you, Holy Spirit loves you, God your father loves you.

In the Bible the book of 2nd Kings Chapter 6, we see one day some prophets came to Prophet Elisha the prophet of God, and told him, Sir, the place we live is too small for us, let us go to a better place and make a bigger dwelling for us.

They wanted an increase in what they have now, they wanted a better place, prosperous in life, they wanted something that is great in life,

We also pray, God give me a promotion, increase the joy in my life, promotion in my work, give me good health, long life, All of us seek this, we don't want to go the same old places again, we don't want to see the same old places of defeat in life, everyone want to go to new places, better places where we can have more joy, peace and life in abundance.

Beloved, today is the day, where you can have that place; Jesus is calling you to that better place.

Jesus is calling you to give increase in your earnings, wages, in your family life and health. God is going to give you that increase. He is calling you to come up with him, Bible says we are heirs and co-heirs with him in high places, We must believe that today God is going to give you that promotion in life, believe in Jesus' promises.

These people identified where they wanted to go, to the Jordan River side.

Jordan is a place where sinners came and repented, and confessed their sins, We must repent and say God, I did not believe that you are the living God, Jesus died for me, shed his blood for me, rose again for me. Lord I never believed your word, and I am sorry lord, I want to live a life pleasing to you God, I am sorry Jesus. Save me and come into my life Lord Jesus. I am convicted f my sins, I repent and I will never do it again. I renounce my sins, come into my life Lord, forgive my sins, wash me with your blood, and make me a new person Lord. If you tell him like this today, that is Jordan for you.

This is where all your promotions start. When you believe in the Lord Jesus, he wants to bless you with life everlasting, life abundant for you.
Jordan is place of conviction, confession, repentance and a place where new life starts. A place where his abundant grace is available. Show Jesus in your life and He will empower you, God will fill you, and baptize you with the Holy Spirit.

Jordan is a place you must be baptized, where you identify yourself where Jesus Christ died for you, life in victory, a place where you go into waters of baptism and I will be a living witness for you, baptize you in the Holy Spirit, this is Jordan where your promotion starts. where you increase your joy, health, prosperity, family life, peace and life in abundance for you.

Elisha told them to go, and they were excited. Today, you must say God I am rejoicing, I am ready for the word I hear, I believe, I repent, and live.

God says to you my beloved, that you will get your miracle promotion.

It's interesting, one of them came back to Elisha and told, Sir, and unless you come with us we will not go. Many of us when God has given us a blessing, we are excited, and may say I can do it on my own. I can live my own, this is the mistake many of us make.

Jesus says, without me you can do nothing, If you believe today even though I am saved, and filled with the Holy Spirit, I cannot go without you Lord, I need Jesus all the time, God I want you to come with me when I am in Office, at home, in my working, driving, and in my ministry Lord, I want you to come with me.

I have come to a place where I know that without you I can do nothing. When you come to such a place, where you and I fully depend on God, on the power of the living God.

We may have good education, worldly blessings, and positions in life, and if you don't have Jesus Christ we can never make it in life. We will be a failure and total loss if we don't have Jesus in our lives to lead us. We tell the Lord, I am fully dependant on you Lord. Tell him I am fully dependant on you Lord. on your mercy, power, Lord Jesus.

Secondly, there begins the next stage of your miracle. His increase is coming your way, His abundant life in your way.

Elisha told them I would go with you. God is waiting for your invitation, your asking, and your request, to come with you, all the days of your life, every place in your life. Jesus says I will never leave you nor forsake you. When you walk through the waters I am with you, Jesus says, if you are tired I am with you. There is never a place where Christ will leave you. That's the only faithful love that you can receive on this earth, the love of God the Father, God the Saviour Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit.

When they went to Jordan, it was not an easy task. They had to make some thing before they had to receive their miracle. The same is with you and me, they had to cut down the big trees, and you and I have to cut down the big trees that are grown in your life. From our childhood, we have allowed, many things to grow in our life, may be a generation curse, that has come into our life, We have not surrendered the sins of our life, a generation curse that has come into our life, we have not renounced the sins of our forefathers.

Probably we have not denounced a traditional practice in our life that has been carelessly followed in our life, over the years. Out of fear, bondage, we have been following that in our lives, the generation curses.

It can happen in any one of our lives. Totally unaware, but this could be a big stumbling block in our life.

Jesus will never condemn you for this, Jesus will not hold you responsible for this, but today, as you listen this we say, Lord I have to cut down those trees of bad habits, give up old traditional practice, renounce the sins of the fathers.

Holy spirit is here to help you, not to condemn you, He is loving, faithful affectionate God, He will convict you.

He will tell you, my son, my daughter give up this, cut down this tree in your life, Probably you are going after the things of this world. honor, glamour, position, that the people of this world can give you. You may have a family business and money is god for you. Pleasures have been gods for you, My beloved, let it be anything, of these I need to cut down all these that are grown form my childhood.

Probably a fear, hatred, bitterness, un-forgiveness, that you have harbored inside you and unable to give up. forgive your people, some one who has done bad to you, , hurt you, you have to forgive, and learn to bless that person, wish good for that person, who has been an enemy for you. Who has hated you, probably cursed you, who has spoken ill about your life, learn to bless them, Love him or her, today, Tell the Lord, I bless them today, forgive and forget all the bad to me, and bless them.

Jesus gives you that grace & strength to bless that person, you have to cut that tree that has been harboring inside your heart. This is a stumbling block the enemy has placed before you.

When you cut that tree, you are in for that miracle healing in your body, miracle victory in your body. Your family is going to receive a miracle victory; it's a miracle in your own life.
When they began to cut the tree the Iron axe fell in the water. This was his livelihood, as he may have been a woodcutter.

My beloved, today, you take up the cross to follow Jesus daily, you may have to loose many things that could have been a comfort, or happiness for you in the past, probably the devil will strike you all of a sudden, you face a disaster, an unexpected issue of life, you may think god I give-up all my worldly habits for you Jesus, and receive you as my Lord & saviour. You may think why did this problem, sickness, disaster misery comes into my life, and you may think you are loosing everything.

It may appear that you are going to loose everything. Because you have followed Jesus, you may think you are in worst condition, the devil will give you all kind of false alarms, false news and false appearances.

The devil is a liar, Jesus Christ is the truth, Jesus says, I am the way the truth and the life, if you know the truth the truth will set you free. Jesus is living with you in your trouble; He is the Lord of Lords and king of kings. Your days of sorrow, defeat, misery are all going to be over, failure, sickness anger and agony in your life are going to be over. The day of miracle is coming.

Moment of increase is coming, Jesus Christ never changes.

The Iron head has fallen, that was his livelihood. Today you may be going through all types of misery, remember your miracle is on the way. You are getting closer to your miracle; Jesus Christ is by your side.

Believe and take your miracle, repent and take your miracle. The man who lost the axe head told prophet Elisha, Sir, it's not mine, it was a borrowed one. My beloved, everything that you and I have is borrowed, you and I have never paid any price for that, never strived from that, never worked for that, you and I never deserved it.

Bible says, for God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

God came as a man, his name is Jesus Christ. Jesus paid the price to have us life, and life everlasting.

Jesus said the price for an abundant life, victorious life, prosperous life, It's by the blood of Jesus, we have peace, He gave us joy, victory, He got all for us. Everything good in our life comes from the Father in whom there is no variance.

He has victory over Satan, and given it to us. You and I deserve nothing, but Jesus gave us abundant grace, love and mercy.

Today he calls us heirs and co-heirs with Christ Jesus, we are his possession.

The man said sir; it's a borrowed axe. How many of us realize Jesus Christ is the owner of our life, from him is life and victory for us. today you believe, stretch out your hand and say, Lord I receive from you today, life in abundance, life victorious, life everlasting, life of miracle, increase, promotion, in Jesus name I receive it all.

Elisha asked that man, do you know, when you lost it? He said it's here sir.

Beloved, do you know from where you have fallen away from the grace of God, some of us have backslidden because our prayer is not answered, we got frustrated, we stopped going to church. Reading our Bibles, praying, we thought God has not heard our prayers, how many of us have gone so far. Let us repent and come back. This is where I have fallen away, from grace,

This is the place I have lost what you gave me, Lord, I was not careful with it. I was not grateful to you I never thanked you God, I know where I went wrong, so I repent and come back to Jesus.

Elisha took a piece of wood and threw it in the water, the wood went into the water and brought the iron head to the surface of the water, floating.

What is this wood cut off and put it the water. For your sake and my sake, who was this one cut off to give us life.

Bible says, Jesus Christ 2000 years ago cried out hanging on the cross, my father, my father, why hast thou forsaken me, Jesus Christ is the only begotten of the father, who came in flush, was cut off from the Father to give me and you life everlasting.

He was cut off to forgive your sins, for a little moment. He died spiritually and physically separated from the father, He tasted death for your sake and my sake, so that you and I do not have to taste death. But have life everlasting, abundant life, victorious life,

Therefore you believe today that Jesus Christ died for you, buried for you and rose from the dead for your sake to give us eternal life. The promotion, miracle, receive the miracle in Jesus name. Be saved in Jesus name, today, now.

The iron floated, what you thought has one away will come back to you, your blessing will come back to you, peace joy, all will come back to you, take it in Jesus name. Take it from the father.

In the name of Jesus your miracle is floating now, your peace is floating now, reach out and take it now.

Elisha told this man to pick it up. You reach out and pickup your miracle. Jesus says reach out and take your healing, miracle, salvation, life abundant, life victorious, life triumphant, you may be from any language, religious caste, any background, there is no difference, Jesus loves you all equally, He is your saviour and Lord, come to Jesus today.

As we pray now believe in your heart, take our miracle; take your increase, promotion, deliverance.

We will pray: -
Loving heavenly father and your beloved ones from any part of the world, any country, any language, caste, or creed as they listen to your word let your love come upon them, let your blessing come upon them,
Let your miracle come upon them,
Let your forgiveness come upon them,
Wash them with your blood, cleanse them with your blood, Jesus let them reach out and take the miracle by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let them receive their miracle, healing, peace, life in abundance, life victorious, let them rise up and walk. All power of devil be broken, let them have life, life everlasting.

Reach out and take it forever and ever, amen.

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