God Will Deliver Us
Beloved in Christ Jesus,

There are some of you praying 'God You seem to be far away from my life, I have been calling unto you God, But I don't seem to be getting an answer, Lord' I love you with all my heart lord, there is no doubt in that O' Lord, I know that you truly love me, I know that you love me because your word says so. But at times, You seem to be far away from me O Lord, there are trails in my life, there are struggles in my life, there are pain and agony in my life. Why is it Lord, I feel that I should end my life, I feel I should close up everything and end my life. Why is it Lord!.

My beloved child of God, do you know that in every trial God is with you. In every situation God is with you. As you walk through the waters He is with you, Do you know when you walk through the fire God is with you, Lord this fiery trail, when you can't take it anymore, I can't cope with it anymore, Saviour you seems to be far away God, do you know He has never left you, He said I am with you until the end of the end of the world. Jesus said I will never leave you no forsake you. How many of you know He is with you in your trouble. My beloved that is the place that He loves to be with you. When you are in trouble, He need s no calling, He needs no begging, He needs no crying, His love is so great, His love is so powerful, His affection on your life is so immense, and intense , He comes and He bear with you. That is why Jesus said, because he has known my name , He knows your name and that name will never forget you my beloved, that name will never leave you, that name has all power in heaven and earth to save you, to deliver you. To save you, to heal you. To save. Beloved, He is there with you in your struggle. We can say, Jesus Christ is with me in my struggle. You may be going through various atrocities in life, various struggles in life, His hand may be all around you my beloved, Why do we cry Lord, where are you, His love will never leave you, He has never left us. Why do we cry when the pain is unbearable, when everywhere the door seem to be closing all around you, When the whole world around seem to be coming down, my beloved child of God, He is with you, take Him at His word, believe Him at His word, But are we able to know His presence, Are we able to enjoy his presence.

My beloved child of God, This is what he is going to do today, He is going to make all things new for you.

There were three men Shadrek, Meshak & Abedinago, who were captives from Jerusalem. Brought into the kingdom of Babylon and there they were under the King Nebuchadnezzar. And they were wise people and they were godly people. They always obeyed the living word of God of the Laws of Moses. In the Old Covenant days and they found favour like Daniel. They found favour with God and man and the ruler of that land. There they were put in good positions, probably in charge of 3 provinces. There names were Sadrek, Meshak & Abednigo. One day King Nebuchadnezzar, he was ruling the land of Babylon virtually ruling the whole world. He made a big golden statue and he said. He invited all the dignitaries of the land, he invited all the special guests from all over the places and even from outside he invited all the people and all the musicians and all the bands were ready. He made a decree, he made a rule and he said he made a law. Everyone, when the music started at the time when the instruments were being played, everyone, young and old. Everything that has breath must bow down and worship that golden statue that Nebuchadnezzar had made. My beloved, the music was playing, everyone bows down, but these three were standing up. They were not going to bow down to a statue. They were not going to bow down before an idol. They were not going to bow down before something that man has made with stones and drills and sand and mud. They said "No!" but the king said the law was if you don't bow down and worship, there was a fire prepared in a big furnace. You will be put there to die. It death for them if they didn't worship the idol and the statue.

And now they were given a choice now someone reported King Nebuchadnezzar these men the Governors of this land they did not bow down Nebuchadnezzar came to them and said "my dear men I have seen you not obey my word, because he loved them, because he knew the wisdom of God in them, because knew the spirit of the living God was upon them, he knew they were Godly people who guided him, who advised him, but yet he had written a law, and he had to stand by that law. So he came to them and said "look you have not bowed down to my law, therefore I am going to put you into this fire, and die, you are going to die, the death sentence now. But I will give you another chance. When the music is played, just bow down and worship this idol, this statue". But Shadrek, Meshak & Abedinago said, "Sir, we don't have to give you a reply regarding this, you know our life. Our life has been a testimony to God and to you. We have never disobeyed your orders. We have always stood by the God of Israel. We have always stood by your word, Nebuchadnezzar. But this we can't do. You know who we are. You know to whom we belong to. We belong to the living God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and we will not bow down to this statue.

We will not bow down to the pressures of this world. We will not bow down to the temptations of the flesh. We will not bow down to the money, we will not bow down to the rulers or these evil things around all the pleasures. We will not bow down to sell our lives, we will not bow down or give up our faith. We will stand for the cross, we will stand for the cause of the Gospel. We will stand for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. How many of you will say in your trial, I am not going to find an alternate way, I am not going to find an easy way on escape for my trouble. The devil will open easy ways of escape. The devil may say do this and you shall have your job. The devil may say do this and you shall have your money. The devil may say do this, do this and you shall have your family back. The devil will come and say all kinds of things at the time when you are in great trouble, great trial, knowing not and saying God where are you? God where is your love? God have you not heard us? Your word says you are with me but where are you? My beloved, they told King Nebuchadnezzar, no sir. Nebuchadnezzar said "fine, I have no other choice but to make the furnace seven times more hotter and put you there to die." Beloved, he called big men of valor and strength. They tied them with ropes and do you know what these dear people did? They glorified the name of the living God. They said our God is able to deliver us! Our God is able to deliver us! He has got the power, he's got the might, he's got the love, and he's got the faithfulness. He has got the ability, he has got the will and he's got the desire. He has got the truth and he loves us and he will deliver us. How many of you believe, how many of you can say this in trial, how many can stand and say this in your trouble. But yet even if he doesn't.

My beloved we must enjoy the presence of God in your trouble. These men never resisted, they did what they could,, they told the truth, they left the rest to the Lord, When things are out of your hands, they allowed the grace of God.

Bible says, the grace, love, compassion, the truth they allowed. They did not despise the king, they were not unruly, disrespectful, to the authority.

They respected the authority, they got the glory, they told His love, His faithfulness and truth to the king, and now it's upto the king now. The king sent his men to tie them all and they never resisted. That is humility, meekness. When things go out of your control remember the holy one of Israel takes it up for himself.

In every situation my beloved, when you praise God, and you can't walk out of your problem by your own. I can't release myself by my own, unless you do it God, I have praised you in my problem, I have lifted God in my problem. I have glorified God in my problem. That's the first key to your victory today. God is going to make everything new for you beloved, you are not going to see your problem again, you are not going to see your sorrow again, your are not going to see your defeat, the Satan again.

God is going to make everything new in the name of Jesus. How may of you are ready to do this. Bible says praise God at all times, Let your praise be in my mouth all the time. Habakkuk: 3: 17 says, Although the fig tree shall not blossom and there is no fruit in the vine, the field produce no fruit, and the flock should be cut off from the field and there is no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.

He is praising God for saving his spirit, he is praising God for redeeming his life, he is praising god for redeeming his body, should and spirit. He says yet I will praise God. How many of you have at least one reason to praise God that is the blood of Jesus. That's more than enough my beloved.

Praise God for the blood,
The Lord God is my strength, He will make my feet strong, and He will make me walk in high places, on mountainous places, You will be lifted up from your problem, stay away from your problem, you will be lifted up from your sorrow, difficulty, Will you praise God in your problem?

Shadrek, Meshak & Abedinago lifted God in their problem. When everything is beyond our control Jesus takes over, He is in the control, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings - Jesus Christ.

Now they were put in the furnace, the people who put them in the fire were burned, the furnace was made 7 times hotter, and the miracle has already started. In your problem when you loose your job begin to praise God, When you loose money begin to praise God, when you begin to loose your strength, begin to praise God, In everything you loose, begin to praise God.

Bible says, Praise Him at all times.

The power of the blood of Jesus is coming upon you and you will come out of your problem.

King Nebucadnesar says, I have put 3 men in the fire and there is a fourth man, He looks like the Son of God. He is beautiful in appearance. He looks like the only begotten Son of God They are walking free in the fire.

When they were put in the fire Jesus took over, Jesus says, I am the unchanging Jesus, You may not sense it, you may not know it , that is where our problem lies. You may not even believe He is there. You may not even know, you may not sense that He is there.

That's the 2nd part of the message. As you begin to praise God, as you begin to thank God, God will open the doors for you. He will open your mind, your spirit to know that He is there for you. When he is there you will walk free. The presence of Jesus loosened every problem. The power of Jesus will loosen every bondage, you are under, but there you will praise God.

King Nebucadnesar says, these people are walking in the fire as if they are waking in the garden of Eden. They were enjoying Jesus in their trouble. Can you enjoy Jesus in your trouble. That's the 2nd key to victory.

They were not kneeling down in the fire and asking God to deliver them, They were not telling God, that they will go for fasting for 20 days if you will release them. They were enjoying the presence of God. The best time to enjoy the presence of someone is when you most need him. That's the time he is near you. He is close to you., Not when you have received big increase, bonus, big money. He is more close with you when you have lost everything, my beloved.

Jesus says call me in the day of trouble. He is more close to you in your sorrow, that's why he is different from any man, any apostle, He is the greatest, When you are in trouble the most closer person is Jesus Christ.

The moment you praise God, in your trouble the fire of Satan will not touch you. The pain of sorrow will not affect you. The pain of loss that has come to you will not touch you. May be your salary, may be your health, whatever you have lost my beloved, that will turn to your favor, when you start enjoying the presence of Jesus.

We think He is not with us, that's the mistake we make, when I am weak, he is most closer with you.

You must sense the presence of Holy Spirit for that . When you praise God, you begin to sense the presence . you begin to enjoy. Don't ask for a miracle, healing, salary increase, at that time, he is coming with everything, therefore you begin to enjoy his presence.

Lord I thought the problem was big, I thought the fiery furnace the devil put me into is the end of my life. Now I realize you are here, I want your love, I want your power, I want your peace, I want your life in abundance. When you are in such a situation talk to God and say, God what you want me to please you God.

The fire will not touch you, The king saw that these men are walking in the fire, everyone die, but these men are walking in the fire. You must sense the presence of God, then you must begin to praise God, then you begin to enjoy the presence of God, then your sorrow will come out, your sickness will come out, you will walk free, God will get you free, when you begin to enjoy his presence and power.

Many do not enjoy the Christian life, enjoying the world is for some.
For many Jesus is an obligation to the Church now, Jesus is not an obligation, He is our most rejoicing enjoyment. I will joy in the Lord of my salvation. He is my joy, when you begin to joy your bondage are broken.

When you want to enjoy the presence of God, you want to loose the family dinner, Go away for 3 days to enjoy.

They did not walk out of the furnace , they began to enjoy the presence, the problem are not big for us, the walls are no big for us, Goliaths are no big for us. The looses are no big for us, when Jesus is my everything.

Jesus has broken all bondages, all things are made new for them when they enjoy the presence of God.

They walked out of fire, King Nebucadnesar, the same people who put you in fire will come and tell you, your God who deliver you is the only living God, He made a decree that their God is the only living God.

Are you going to praise God in every situation?

Jesus when he was traveling on the road to Jericho, the highway where no one stops for you on highway, he heard the plea of a blind Bartemius. Highway where no one stops of anyone, it was a time of impossibility, where Jesus will stop for you.

Why did Jesus attend Bartemius, He called to praise God, He said 'Son of David', that is the Old covenant name. He was literally praising God. That was the only name that gives joy to the heart of God, It is the name that believes the promise of God, - Son of David.

Today what is that is the name that you will call, my savior, Jesus Christ my savior,, We are in the new covenant that makes all things new.

Can you praise God in your problem, Can you glorify God in your utmost problems of life, Jesus will stop by you. He will enter with you in your problem.

Thank God for saving your soul, rejoice in the salvation of God. Your bondages will begin to go, sickness will be healed,

Don't try to leave the presence of God, when in problem. Not even one hair of your head will fall, when you enjoy the presence of God, power of God.

Praise God in your problem. When you say, I don't want to leave you Lord, from your presence, that is time Jesus will deliver you. He has made all things new for you. You must praise God in every situation Thank God for the problem. Enjoy Jesus Christ you will walk victorious.

Thank God in every situation.

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