Victory and Triumph In Christ Jesus
Beloved in Christ Jesus, our daily life appears to be a race or battle. The word victory or triumph comes into being meaningful only because of the words of reality in life namely race and battle. God's word says, "praise be to God who train my fingers to war".

We all have 10 (ten) fingers in our hands - Praise God for these.

We are going to follow the Holy Spirit in this message to learn and apply these 10 points to Victory and triumph in life.

David won over Goliath (wicked giant)

At one time in history as recorded in God's word, the people of God were at war with the Philistines. King Saul was leading the army of God's people. One day David was sent to the battlefield by his father Jesse, to give food to his brothers in the battlefield. When David arrived there he was utterly surprised - the people of God were terrified, confined to their tents, even King Saul on the other hand a philistine giant Goliath showed up and threatened God's people, challenged them and blasphemed the name of the living God. David (the little boy of God) was not going to take all this. He went upto King Saul and spoke.

Point 1- David identified Goliath as an uncircumcised man - who had no
relationship with the living God, therefore God was in no way responsible for his life, protection and victory. Whereas David identified himself as a circumcised child of God, therefore he was in an eternal relationship with the living God and it was God's absolute responsibility to protect him, save him and provide him victory over Goliath.

Today we as born again believers, must identify ourselves to be in a better covenant (relationship attachment) than David himself, because we are Jesus Christ's blood bought, blood redeemed people. And we certainly have the right to win at all times.

Point 2- David respected, honored and humbled himself before King Saul,
saying your servant will go and fight this giant. King Saul never understood or believed his circumcised position with God. Instead was in fear of the enemy. David could have easily ridiculed him or chided him or made fun out of him for his ignorance. Unbelief and weakness, etc. Instead David respected Saul as the anointed King. Humility prepares us for the victory always.

Point 3- David told Saul - when I was taking care of my father Jesse's flock a lion and a wolf came on two occasions and tried to snatch away the sheep. I ran after them, fought them and saved the sheep. God who was with me then and gave me the power to kill the lion and wolf will again be with me to ensure victory for me against this enemy. David remembered past victories, past triumphs and gave God the entire thanks and gratitude. During a crisis when we become still in God's presence and with the help of Holy Spirit re-call all the past blessings, victories, healing etc. and begin to thank God and release our grateful hearts to Him. We are getting prepared for victory in certain.

Point 4- David obtained King Saul's consent and he set forth to meet the enemy Goliath. It is very interesting to see in 1st Samuel 17 Verse 40; David took the staff in his hand. David was not going to lead the sheep; instead he was going to battle. Why did he need his staff ?. David was so accustomed to the staff.

David could not be without his staff. Psalms 23 verse 4 : His rod and staff they comfort me. St. John 14 : 16 Jesus says, I will send you another comforter. The staff symbolically represents the Holy Spirit - the comforter sent from God. Our lives must be such that we must need the Holy Spirit all the time. We must be so accustomed to His presence and power so that nothing and none on this earth can separate us from the Holy Spirit. When we face our day-to-day struggles with the comfort and power of the Holy Spirit, sure we shall win all the time.

Point 5- David took five smooth stones from the brook. The first stone is the word of God. As we believe the word of God, trust the word, love the word, obey the word, abide in the word, speak the word in every situation - victory comes into our lives - God's word has the final say in every situation in our lives.

Point 6- The second stone is the name of Jesus Christ - Bible says that there is no other name in Haven, earth or under the earth by which mankind can be saved. Also the Bible declares that God the Father has honored the name of Jesus Christ higher than every other name. Beloved people of God believe there is power and authority in Jesus name. Honor this name, worship his name, speak this name, and pray in the name of Jesus Christ and sure our Father in heaven will send forth a blessing, a miracle, an answer of victory in Jesus name.

Point 7- The third stone is the blood of Jesus Christ

There is life and power in the Holy Blood of Jesus Christ shed for us.
There is protection under the shed Blood of Jesus Christ. There is forgiveness, redemption and salvation through the shed Blood of Jesus Christ. You will win all the time when you believe the shed Blood of Jesus Christ. When you thank and praise God for the shed Blood of Jesus Christ. When we cover ourselves under the shed blood of Jesus Christ protection, security and victory is well assured at all times.

Point 8- The forth stone is the stripes of Jesus Christ: God's word declares the victorious truth in Isaiah 53: 5, Jesus Christ took upon himself all our sins, iniquities, curses and diseases. Therefore when we believe this word, appropriate this into our hearts (spirit) by faith, keep on speaking this word with faith and joy in our heart, the word becomes life and spirit and the word becomes life and spirit and the word releases the victory of God into our lives.

Point 9- The fifth stone is the word of our testimony. God's word declares in Revelation 12: 11 by the word of our testimony we overcome the enemy. The word of our testimony is not only confess the blessings and miracles received, but most important is our personal life must show forth a good testimony for the glory of Jesus Christ. The word and the defeated devil must recognize the true character and life of Jesus Christ inside us, when the defeated devil sees Jesus Christ truly manifested within us in our daily lives. The devil has no other choice but to move out of your testimony and you shall then have your victory real in Jesus Christ's Name.

Point 10- David took the five (5) stones put them in the pouch, took the sling and ran towards the wicked enemy Goliath. How does someone use the sling to throw the stone? We swing it around up in the air. This symbolizes "the lifting of holy hands, praising and worshipping God". Our lives must be full of praises to God. Every one of us have at least one good reason to praise God, the blood of Jesus Christ shed for the remission and forgiveness of our sins. Bible says that we must thank and praise God at all times, in every situation. Praising and worshipping God continually brings victory in our day-to-day life.

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