Forgiven and Blessed
You are forgiven by God, you are blessed by God.

Bible says we are blessed with all heavenly blessings in spiritual high places. You are blessed my beloved, He has forgiven you.

God wants you to know that when he spoke to John He, called John, come up hither, God wants you to come out of the place where you are staying, God wants you to leave everything that is bothering you. When you know the living God, in these last days, blessed people of God, you and I have the greatest need to hear the voice of God. You need to know that you are forgiven and you don't have to live in insecurity, you don't have to feel bad about the past life, You have been forgiven, you have been blessed. This is the good news of the Bible, the word of God.

Can you get any better news than this my beloved. Can anyone else on this earth get you better news than this other than the Lord Jesus Christ? That's why Jesus Christ is calling you to come up hither.

You have been tied down, you have been troubled, tired in life, you are worried about tomorrow is going to bring for you. My beloved, you must know that your tomorrow is has been purchased for you. You have been blessed for tomorrow. You have been blessed for today, already. This is the word of God.

Are you ready to believe that Jesus cares for you? Are you ready to believe that He loves you? Are you ready to believe that Jesus has already laid your blessing for tomorrow, because he died for you and rose again on the third day for you and me? Today, He is seated on the right hand of the father for you and me.

That's why we turn our Bibles to Hebrews 4: - We have a great high priest that is Jesus the Son of God, Let us therefore hold fast our profession for we have a high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities.

He has gone through all our pains, He knows all our feelings, he knows the agony we are passing through, you are unable to even share it with someone, even your pastor.

Bible says he was in all points tempted, like as we are but without sin. Let us therefore, because he ahs passed through trials, sorrow and agony, and took all our sins, He took all our diseases, he took all our informalities, he took all our curses, he took everything that can come against our life, He has taken it all on the cross, He has done all for you and me by beloved.

This is the good news that Jesus died for you, today you are forgiven already, and the blood of Jesus has shed for you already. If only you believe today, receive that forgiveness and blessing. You have been blessed today. Bible says therefore let us boldly come into the throne of God, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Beloved, many of you are going through great trails in life, We have various needs I life, It may vary form place to place, people to people, families to families, situation to situation, but everyone of you have some need in life.

Bible says, God invites you today, Jesus invites you from the throne of God that you boldly come, you don't have to feel bad about your past, you don't have to feel condemned, you can boldly come to obtain mercy, mercy is available for you, his glory is available for you, every blessing is available for you, that is why he is seated at the right hand of God, today, He is inviting you, come up hither.

In Revelation 4:1 Jesus says to john come up hither, God is calling you my beloved, Jesus is calling you no mater what your situation may be no mater what your trial may be, how many of you can say, I know that my sins are forgiven, I know that my mercy if for me, grace is for me, I am not going to look back, I am not going to doubt, I am not going to question, I know that Jesus loves me.
I know that He cares for me. I know that he died for me; I know that he raised fro the dead for me. Therefore I am going to get up and go, to the one who loves me. To the one who makes all things available for me? His name is Jesus, He loves you beloved.

No one could love you better than him, on this earth, no one can love you to the utmost, and He never gets tired of loving you. He never gets tired of forgiven you. He is the one whom we serve today. He is the head of the Church; he is the one who shed his blood for you.

Today God is calling you, come up hither, this is the message - you are forgiven and you are blessed.

One day when Jesus Christ was walking on the earth there was a man, Bible says, he was a rich man, he had all things within his reach., may be a good house, land probably, he had a position in the society, he was working for the Roman government, He was collecting tax, his name was Zacheus. Bible tells about him even with everything he could lay his hand on to make his life comfortable, yet he was uneasy , there was no peace inside, he was living outside and but dying inside. Day by day dying with fear, dying with loneliness, feeling of insecurity, dying without any friends, without any love, without any affection, without any kindness, no one wanted to see him, everyone withdrew from him, he was lonely, he was dying, and he said I will meet this Jesus, I will try and see who he is. I've heard he is full of love, and full of compassion.
I have heard that He will not sent anyone who comes to him.

John 6: 37 says, him that cometh unto me I will in no way cast out.

How many of you are ready to hear the call of Jesus today, In whatever condition that you may be beloved, you may be the one who has been so much abused, condemned very much, you may have lost everything in life,

You may be thinking Lord is it worth me living?.
My beloved, there is one person on the earth for his sake it's worth living., His name is Jesus Christ, the one whose love will always reach out for you. When everyone says you are not worthy, but Jesus says you are all worthy for me. Lord Jesus of Nazareth, no matter from which religion you are, no mater from which race you are, no mater from which ethnic group you are from, there is only one love that will reach out to the whole world. It is the love of Jesus Christ.

How may of you believe that love, how many of you know that love, that love has power, to take everyone of us to heaven? Nothing can bind that love, nothing can hold that love nothing can stop that love,, He is determined to tell you that good news, you are forgiven and blessed. Because of the blood that has shed for you and me.

If only you believe today, that the blood is for you, Lord I repent I know that the blood has shed for me, I repent you died for me, I want to have a new life, Jesus save me today come into my live.

This man had no other alternative, he never had an encounter with Jesus, he had probably heard about him he said, I will give a chance, everyone says he is full of love, I will try him now.

He was virtually going to end his life, in a couple of days, Jesus could never have allowed you for that. He came and sat on the tree to see Jesus would like him. Jesus said, Zacheus come down, I am coming to your home.
His lie was changed, he may have never imagined, that Jesus would see him and come to his house; the one who has condemned you is already condemned forever.

Beloved don't be condemned believe that your sins are forgiven; believe there is a love waiting for you. His love and life is waiting for you.

Jesus is going to bless you here itself, my beloved, he is going to take you there and give you everything. Life and life eternal. life in abundance, he is going to give you life that is triumphant.

That's why he said you are blessed and you are forgiven. Come up hither. No matter where you may be hiding, your life may be in a shell because of some problems, you can't come out of it, you may be passing thorough day and night unable to cope with all the struggles in life, He calls you to come up hither, Everyone has deserted you, he calls you to come up hither, everything has been totally zero in your life, you had no blessing from anyone, Jesus says to come and taste the love today and be blessed. Today when you hear this message you are forgiven by the blood of Jesus, you are blessed by his power of the Holy Spirit.

Why not come to Jesus today, its already been done, come and receive.

This is the truth of the Gospel that my child you are forgiven and blessed, come and receive the forgiveness by the blood of Jesus come and receive the blessing from Jesus.

Jesus says, Zacheus come down, no one want you but I want you, no one loves you, but I want you, no one has a good news for you but I have all the food news for you. Coe and change your life, his love is more than enough that's why he said, Lord forgive me, I will repay four times all I have taken from other in wrong manner. In an unlawful manner.

He had a new heart, he was born again, eternal life was given to him.

There was another man who was paralyzed for 38 years, He had been by the pool of Bethesda, everyone said if he got into the water when the angel stirs the water he will be healed.

Bible says all the sick people were there by the pool, those who were impotent, lame, those who were given up by others, they all came to the pool to get healed. They were waiting for the mercy of God, the Angel of God to come down to stir the water and anyone who gets in first will be healed, sins forgiven.

There was a man who was there for 38 years he missed so many opportunities,. Zacheus had never had an opportunity, and the first opportunity Jesus called him.

Jesus asked him are you not healed, he says, no one is there to help me, I have been depending on people, I have been looking at things around me some one to look after me. I He knew there is power in the water and when the Angel come I will be healed, but there is no one to help me. I missed every opportunity.

Have you missed any opportunity in life,

The 1st man had no opportunity,he met Jesus and he accepted him.

This man had every opportunity but looking at the circumstances, he could not make it.

You may have been within the reach of God's love, blessing, but could not make it but has missed it all.

He thought I will get it today, tomorrow, next week, Lord I am missing all the opportunities. My family is missing all the opportunities, I am longing for my life, I don't feel like going to church, praying, my prayers are not answered, my cry is not coming to you Lord,

Jesus came there by his side,. He called you to come up hither, my child, I have come so that you may have life opportunities. I have come so that you may have blessing today, I have come to make you whole, you may have messed it all.

How may of you may say, I will never make it Lord, I don't think I will be blessed,

Beloved you are going through such agony, such pain, Jesus is calling you Jesus is saying you are going to get all in my name today for you.

Today god is going to give you that gift of eternal life, How many of you are ready for that today I am not going to be depressed, I am not going to give up frustrated, not giving up, feel insecure, My God has all the blessing for me I know that I have been forgiven and blessed today.

Then there was another man who was seated on the highway, opportunities, never come to him, It was impossible for him to have blessing, He was blind Bartemus, He was seated on a highway road, everyone go fast on a highway, no one drives slowly, no one stops for anyone, no one will enquire for others, no one is bothered about others need, a road of impossibility, where no one would want to stop, where no one to showed love,

Where no one want to spend time with you, no one want to share blessing with you, that is the place where the King of Kings and Lord of lords sill stop for you.

You may tell Lord it is impossible, I have passed the age, I don't have any qualifications, I don't have any educations. No one to help me, I am from a poor family background, I have been in all kinds of pressure and agony, since my childhood,
MY Child you may think that you are living in a place of impossibility,, some one may have told you the good days are over you have to just make it, thing are against you.

My child of God, Jesus comes by your side and tell you that He is stopping by the place of impossibility for you the place may be impossible, but God will make all thing possible for you.

With God every thing is possible my child, that's why he says you are forgiven and blessed. You believe is the word of God and gospel of the Jesus, he will stop by you Jesus is unchanging, He will stop by you.
He has all the time for you.

Receive the blessing today, come with boldness come with joy and courage, to obtain mercy, to obtain grace, in time of your need.

Many of you may have so many need in life today, you can rejoice that you are forgiven and blessed.

Nothing can stop you from receiving his blessing.

Finally Peter the beloved disciple of Jesus, One day after Jesus was crucified, they decided to go back to fishing, their old profession. They were toiling all night and did not catch anything. He knew the power of God, He has walked on the water with Jesus, but decided to go back to fishing.

Jesus was waiting for them on the shore, prepared a banquet for them. Jesus asked them have you caught any thing my children, You thought you can do all with your ability, with your strength, You could not catch anything.

Jesus told them to lay the net on the right hand side,

Have you been blessed, Jesus has prepared for them all but before they came to shore the gave them all.

Rev 21.7 say, Jesus is calling you for the supper , he ha s prepared for you, but what have you done my child with the talent you have, He is calling for you.

He want you to know that you lay the net on the right side, that is the place for you, where you see his glory,

Luke 18: 29-30 says verily I say unto you there is no one who has left the house, or parents, or brethren or wife or children, for the kingdom of God's sake , who shall not receive many fold more, in this present time. This present time, the time of your need now, you may be having so many problems, so many financial difficulties, people are in tears, people are I agony by beloved, people are unable to meet the daily need. Bible says there is no one, it is my promise, it is my vow it is my pledge, that you will be blessed .

He wants you to operate in the love of God, that has no limits, let us therefore forging in one another, Let us say Lord I love you with all my heart, my soul and spirit. There is no better love than his Lord, That love is powerful, that love is for the broken hearted,
Love your neighbor just as you love yourself, He shall receive many fold in this world. Lord has already blessed you

He wants you to be blessed and forgiven.

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