Worship Works Out The Miracles
Beloved in Christ Jesus,

Worship pleases God.

Worship always draws God's favour. Worship brings the power of God into our lives. God's word says in John 4 : 24 we ought to worship God in 'Spirit and Truth". Our daily lifestyle must be a worship unto God. In God's word the word worship is mentioned for the first time in Genesis 22 Verse 4. In relation to Abraham - God's faithful servant'.

The English word Worship is made up on 7 (seven) letters :

W - Willing, Wanting, Watching , Waiting
O - Obedience
R - Resurrection
S - Separated and sanctified
H - Humility
I - The great I am, Intervenes, Imparts
P - Provision, Protection, Preservation, Power, Position, Promotion, Peace

Let us go along with the Holy Spirit into every letter :

W- God's word says "If you are willing and obedient you will eat the fruit of the

We must be willing at all times, in all places to do all things what God tells in His Word. Willingness comes from deep inside our heart. Willingness puts back our own "self" to die. Out self-ambition, self-will, self-ego, self-confidence, selfishness begins to die, when we let our willingness comes out to please God.

We must be wanting and watching for the presence and power of God. We should be people who cannot go on in life without God's holy presence and power in our life. We must be people wanting and watching for every opportunity to please God and serve HIM.

We ought to be people waiting for God to move and manifest Himself in our lives and through our lives. God's word says, "those who wait upon the Lord shall never be put to shame.". God knows His time for you in your life's entire situation. He will show Himself up at the right moment to let you have your victory and triumph. We must learn to wait upon the Lord as we wait we shall win all the time.

O - Obedience is greater than all sacrifice. Obedience must be unconditional. Obedience must be without any murmuring, grumbling, or any questioning. Obedience must be instant, without delays. Obedience must be even without any understanding.

Now we will see these in Abraham's life.

When God told Abraham in Genesis 22:1 to sacrifice his only beloved son Isaac (promised son from God), Abraham was willing. Abraham always wanted and was watching for every opportunity to please God. Abraham waited upon God for every need of his life.

When God told him this instruction, surely Abraham would have been broken and shattered for a moment. He was an ordinary man like any of us. But he willingly started off to do what his faithful God told him.

This was the 1st day.

Abrham now willingly obeyed God. He could have easily questioned God, he
could have very much reasoned out with God. He could have laid certain conditions before God, or he could have demanded God's ability to fulfill His promises (Genesis 12 : 1,2, 3) or he could have asked God to show a sign how he will keep his promised word.

My beloved reader, Abraham did nothinig but simply obeyed God even not undersatnding how he will come out of this severe test in his life.

This was the 2nd day.

R -Abraham was now on his way to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac. Bile says in Genesis 22 : Verse 4, Abraham "looked up" and saw the mountain. God's word is very specific and clear. Therefore why did God say in His word that Abraham looked up on the 3rd day. This means to say that Abraham never looked upon the 1st and 2nd days. It is surely because as a mortal human, he would have had great struggle inside his mind, in his own flesh, because he was going to lose his own precious son, he was going to kill him for God's sake, how is he ever going to face Sarah and give an answer for her son. After all Abraham was an ordinary man. But something super-natural happened inside of Abraham - A new Faith opened up inside of Abraham, this is the miracle on the 3rd day - God raised his only begotten son Jesus Christ from death on the 3rd day. This miracle of death conquered and life resurrected is possible by God almighty. The miracle of resurrection that happened thousands of years later when Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the 3rd day was revealed inside Abraham - Miracle resurrection faith opened up inside Abraham on the 3rd day. That's why he looked up on the 3rd day.

(1st & 2nd days even though he willingly obeyed, he was still walking in an unsettled troubled mind, overcoming with great struggle, the sorrow deep inside his heart - this made him to look down and walk. A man in sorrow and anxiety walks looking down).

Now on the 3rd day - Abraham was confident, fully persuaded that when he kills his son Isaac - God will raise him from the dead Hebrews 11 : 19 and fulfils His promises'. So Abraham looked up with hope, faith and joy on the 3rd day.

S - Abraham now told his servants to stay back. He said, "we will go and worship the Lord and we will come back". Abraham separated himself from his servants.

All this 3 days they were walking on the flat ground; now they were going to climb up the mountain. Naturally he needed his servants help now more than before. But Abraham had a super-natural faith and he separated himself for God at the time when he needed man's help most. Abraham now trusted in His faithful God and carefully separated himself to work his faith in God.

H- Abraham said, "we will go yonder" and worship God. This means to say we have to go still further, climb up high to meet God's requirements.

This is humility - when we are far from God we feel we are something, but we have achieved something by ourselves. we feel big many times. But when we +draw closer to God we would certainly come to know God is far greater than us, we are small and we must remain small in His presence. - so that God alone will be glorified and His name alone (Jesus Christ of Nazareth) will be lifted up always.

Abraham was now climbing up the mountain with Isaac. Suddenly Isaac began to ask his father - where is the lamb for sacrifice". Abraham replied God will provide a lamp for himself. - Isaac simply believed what his daddy told him - Abraham imparted his faith into his son Isaac.

I- Abraham was now climbing up the mountain with Isaac. Suddenly Isaac began to ask his father - where is the lamb for sacrifice". Abraham replied God will provide a lamp for himself. - Isaac simply believed what his daddy told him - Abraham imparted his faith into his son Isaac.

We must impart faith, love and blessings into our children. What parents impart into Children's lives will carry them through until the end. We must impart hope, encouragement, comfort and life into our children.

God the great I AM - when Moses asked God what us your name - God replied - I am the Great I AM. Even it looks like a complete answer truly is not. Moses did not receive complete answer from God, It is the Church redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ that has complete answer - Jesus Christ of Nazareth. All things are complete for us in Christ Jesus - Jesus says I am the way, the truth and the life, I am life and resurrection, I am the door, the peace, the Joy, the victory, the healing and omega. We are complete in Christ Jesus.

Now at the mountain top - Abraham made the alter, laid his son, tied him up and was about to kill him. Isaac never ever rebelled against his father. Abraham's impartation of his faith in the Great I AM, restrained any rebellion, and retained the perfect peace of God on the mountain. As he was about to kill Isaac, God intervened and stopped him by calling him twice Abraham, Abraham. God will intervene at the most proper time to save, restore and deliver us.

P- God provided an animal - ram for sacrifice - in place of Isaac. God protected Isaac. God positioned Abraham as his obedient, faithful servant, in whose generation God was going to provide redemption trough His only begotten Son - Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth - Lord of Lords.

God prompted Abraham. God preserved the testimony of Abraham. Abraham knew that, God has all power. Jesus Christ said, "All power in heaven, earth and under the earth is given unto Me". God is our provider, our protector, our peace, our position, our preservation, our promoter and our power. Abraham returned home with victory, joy and glory.

Let us be of good cheer. Let our lives be always a worship unto our living God in spirit and in truth.

True worship works out a miracle in our lives".

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