God's Covenant With Man
'COVENANT' means it is an agreement between two parties. It is a pact or treaty or a contract or a pledge or promise between two people. Likewise our loving GOD, our eternal FATHER has made covenant with mankind, whom HE created and whom HE loves.

Our loving GOD has made an eternal commitment to us through HIS only begotten SON JESUS CHRIST. Our GOD makes the covenant. He initiates the covenant. Our loving GOD keeps the covenant because HE alone is always faithful and also our GOD helps us (mankind) to keep up the covenant with HIM. So we can say our loving and living GOD is a covenant maker, a covenant keeper and covenant sustainer.


When David who was a little boy killed the big giant Goliath, who derived GOD'S power and strength and love through the covenant he has with GOD. When King Saul and his whole army was frightened, little boy David, went upto King Saul and said this uncircumcised fellow Goliath, can never ever win against GOD'S own people. David believed that he had the right to win because he had a covenant relationship with HIS GOD. Through the covenant of circumcision. GOD is forever committed to protect and ENSURE VICTORY to HIS people (This is the Abraham Covenant). David believed and was sure and confident that his GOD, who is living, has made the promise and pledge. David called on his GOD received GOD'S attention, GOD'S strength and power, and destroyed the evil Goliath, because David believed that GOD will always stand up to HIS covenant promise and GOD will always stay committed to HIS covenant promise.


When JESUS CHRIST our LORD, GOD, and SAVIOUR walked on the road of Jericho highway, the blind beggar Bartimus called JESUS as the Son of David. This was a covenant call. The poor beggar called unto JESUS, through the covenant promise of GOD the FATHER that the Savior of the whole universe shall be born through the lineage of David. "JESUS CHRIST", when HE heard the covenant call, stopped at once tatted the need of this blind man. The position and identity of this poor man changed when HE came to JESUS. Our loving LORD and SAVIOUR changed the position of the blindman when JESUS healed him. JESUS CHRIST gave the blindman a new protection; new refuge, new security and HE healed him and saved him. JESUS CHRIST became the new means of provision for this man.

GOD'S covenant gives new position for us as heirs and co-heirs in CHRIST JESUS, God's covenant gives us new protection and God's covenant gives us new position in CHRIST JESUS.


Finally beloved we are in the greatest and better covenant. GOD our FATHER has ever made with humanity i.e. Through the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST HIS only begotten SON. This BLOOD covenant releases the following blessings from GOD ALMIGHTY:

  • We are forgiven, cleansed from all sin, pardoned by GOD, acquitted from all guilt and condemnation and accepted as the children of GOD the FATHER, with everlasting life forever.
  • We have access to the FATHER at all times through the BLOOD of the SON JESUS CHRIST.
  • Our FATHER GOD sees us through the BLOOD OF JESUS, and therefore sees as though we have not sinned at all. We are justified.
  • We are reconciled with GOD, we are in peace with GOD, and we can stand blameless before GOD.
  • We overcome Satan, all devils, and all his power through the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.
  • We have full authority and power over every works of Satan, and we have full dominion over Satan and his forces, through the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.
  • We have victory always, all the time in the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.
  • The blood covenant has ensured and released the perfect and most faithful and powerful protection to US at all times.
Therefore let us come to JESUS CHRIST and believe and confess and acknowledge the blood, which was shed for our redemption salvation, healing, and deliverance and victory and everlasting abundant life.

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