Luke's gospel, chapter 6:5 onwards. "The Son of Man is Lord also of the Sabbath."

Every one of us must grow in the love, in the pure, holy love of God, clean love of God, genuine, unblemished, righteous love of God! Sabbath is not a day; Sabbath is a person who is Jesus Christ! Sabbath is not a day my beloved ones!

When he was crucified on the cross, my everything that stood as a stumbling block, every aspect of the law that stood as a stumbling block was nailed on the cross. The blood of Jesus has been revealed fully for you and me when he died and rose from the dead. In the old covenant the Sabbath day was a day of rest where only God works. In the new covenant our rest is Jesus Christ! Our relief is Jesus Christ, our consolation is Jesus Christ, our peace is Jesus Christ, our joy is Jesus Christ, our life is Jesus Christ, our victory is Jesus Christ. Our redemption is Jesus Christ, our salvation is Jesus Christ, our future is Jesus Christ, our eternity is Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ God works! Therefore your Sabbath and my Sabbath is Jesus Christ. It is not a day. It has been nailed on the cross. Tell someone whom you know that every day is Jesus Christ for us; everyday! That's why the fifth verse - Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath - in him is peace for you and me!

Now, this is just during the transition from the old covenant to the new covenant, where the old covenant bends down and gives the hand to the new covenant who is Jesus Christ and the new covenant lifts the old covenant and both of them become one in Christ Jesus! So don't live according to the old covenant; come into the new covenant! Sabbath is not a day; Sabbath is Jesus Christ! Every day is Jesus Christ for us; He is the Son of the Living God, seated at the right hand of the Father!

So this is the transition period where Jesus had not yet died then. We're on this Luke's chapter 6 where his blood had not been shed yet! The word became flesh. In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God and the word became flesh. The blood of the son of God! How many of you understand this?

He walks into that Sabbath day before his blood was shed when he was alive physically on this earth; today he is alive physically, glorified at the right hand of the father, seated in all power and authority; he is the son of God!

He went there into that Sabbath and there were crowds like this sitting there in the synagogue waiting to hear the word of the living God. There was a man whose right hand was withered. This is what the Holy Spirit gave me and gave you. Every message is for me and you. I am just a messenger. I am just a voice; he is the word, my beloved! Lift your hands to him! He is the word! You tell him: Jesus Christ, you are the word of God! You are the word who came in flesh! I thank you Jesus! Amen!

The right hand always signifies and refers to the strength of a man. Right hand means you just can't be without that. Right hand means you just can't be without; right hand is the very strength of that man, the right hand is the very need of that man, the right hand is the very beauty of that man. And this dear man, his right hand was withered; withering means the right hand has lost all its strength. The whole life, the whole body is worthless, meaningless now. He would have sat there, he was in the house of God, he honored the house of God, he revered the house of God, be believed in the house of God is Jesus Christ every day. Now he is a man of the covenant, my beloved, he believed that every day is Sabbath, that every day and any day and all the days and some day Jesus will come and meet me personally. He believed Sabbath is Jesus, my beloved! That's why he was there on that Sabbath day, that's why he was there in the church on that Sabbath day. He knew that every day, any day, all the days or even one day, "My Lord will meet every need of my life! All my sins will be forgiven! All my iniquities are forgiven! All my weaknesses are removed!"

He would have told God, "God, I am not as healthy as other people, I am not well-to-do as other people, I am not as good-looking and personable and eloquent." Your inner personality must come as Jesus outward. He would have been crying, "God, I've nothing to give you. you creating me and you dying for me and you shedding your blood for me, you taking all my sins and my weaknesses and my diseases is a waste God because I have let you down. I have been careless with my life. I have been ignorant of your promises. I have overlooked your grace and your mercy. I have taken your love and your forgiveness for granted and I have been on my own, doing things. Now I've lost the strength of my mind, I've lost the strength of my heart, I've lost the strength of my life. Now sitting here in this church knowing not what to do, God I wasted, I have made you suffer, I have made you bleed on the cross. I made you to be that curse for my sins and my iniquities God and now I am seated here in this church, in this place, knowing not what to do. I've no peace, I've no joy, I've no life, I've no strength, I don't know what to do God! If you ask me, if you come secretly to me God and ask me: Are you really, really satisfied in life?"

Tell me, if Jesus catches one of you personally and individually and intimately and asks you, takes you aside - because in front of people your reply will be so different because as humans you are driven by your environment and the people around you, that you yourself or me myself, we're unable to come out of our innermost weaknesses, our innermost emptiness. Our innermost dissatisfactions in life, our innermost conflicts in life, we are unable to come out because someone is going to get to know, someone is going to get affected, someone is going to look down upon me, someone will think, "O we thought he is this, he is that but look at him, he is utterly empty, he is utterly useless. He is not what he appears to be. He is not what he talks to be. He is not what he personalizes himself to be. He is inwardly totally a chaos." That could be anyone; you or me. If Jesus comes to you now and asks you, takes you aside to the very corner and puts his arm around you, crushes you to his bosom and asks you: My son / my daughter, do you really rejoice in your life? Tell me!

Ninety-five percent of Christians will say: Lord I don't have words to tell you, I don't know really what is happening in my life. I am not what people see me in the church. I am not what people see me in the office. I am not what people see me in the club or at the dinner-table. I am not what my parents see me as. I am not what my mother and father know me to be. I am not what my husband knows me as. I am not what my wife knows me as. I am not what my children know me as. Each one of us has something secret that is not right in the sight of God. Am I speaking to people here today this morning? Today Jesus wants to bless your life! There may be inner hurts; God doesn't call you sinners and condemn you, no! The secret tears, the secret pain, the secret agony, the secret dissatisfaction, the secret emptiness that you and I carry inside that causes life to wither. There is a secret withered life in every one of us. That is why he came to give us life and life in abundance!

A worship leader who takes lot of people into the presence of Jesus, whose records are worldwide was confronted by a great man of God and asked, "How is it my dear brother that many, many come to Jesus through your songs?" He looked at him and said, "Sir, I wish what you say is true." So the dear preacher asked him, "Why do you say that?" He said, "I sing only to hide all the inadequacies in my own life. I sing, I bring out albums of worship and praise so that at least in my nothingness let someone come to Jesus. In my utter dissatisfaction and emptiness, let someone get to Jesus." The preacher hugged him and kissed him and said, "Repent, right now."

You may be highly qualified professionals, intellectuals, decision makers in your offices and companies or you could be the least insignificant person, uncared for, unknown - everyone needs Jesus! Everyone needs Jesus! It's not money, it's not intellect, it's not position and acquaintances that is going to save you in these perilous times, my beloved, it's only the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus of Nazareth!

There is a witheredness in every one of us. Some hide it, some avoid it, they can't come out of it, some pretend. God is not angry with anyone. That servant man said, "In spite of the crux in your life I have taken advantage of your weakness, I have put my word into you and my spirit into you and my word and my spirit will transform your life! So that you will bring beauty in your own life, in your own family, in your own church, in your own office, in your own neighborhood and ultimately in the kingdom of God!

This man was lying there as a wasted, cracked pot. People could have said, "He is a sinner that's why he is suffering. There is a curse on him that's why he is a withered man." Someone would have said, "He is unrepentant." They could have said all kinds of things but this man's prayer is: God, your blood that was shed for me has been a waste. I am yet not transformed. I am yet not saved. I am yet not born again. I am yet not living in the righteous ways of God! Your blood seems to be of no avail to me, God! I am still poor, I am still in poverty, I am still sick, I am still in pain. God I have no strength in my mind, in my body. I have fear; I have all kinds of things. Probably, your death and resurrection is a benefit to someone but not to me God. I am a waste; I have wasted your grace, I have wasted your mercy.

Such was the humility and brokenness of this man! He was so broken and humble in that huge crowd that seemed so well. Jesus picked him!

Your life could be so much of sin today. People can criticize you and condemn you but if you today tell Jesus: Lord, the blood that I see, the cup of wine that I see, Lord, this blood when I take it, Lord I feel it's a waste because I sin again, I am in poverty again. I can't believe you; still I am not able to believe you are the Son of God. Still I am not able to come and tell that you have healed me. I cannot believe your healing God, I still have unbelief. I still can't live according to the word of God. I can't be content; I can't be satisfied with what I have. I am avaricious, I am ambitious. I live for the feelings of others, for the opinions of others. The Bread tells me of the pain on your body and you took that curse for me. You took my sin, you took my pain, you took my judgment, you took my death, you took all the punishment that was due to me God and having done all that God I am now in the new covenant but still I am not having a life of abundance. I am not having a miracle life of abundance, I am still in want, I am still in need, I don't have peace, I don't have joy. I have resentment, anger, I have unkindness God but I am in the new covenant. If anyone asks "Are you born again?" I'll be the first one to lift my hand that I am born again. But Holy Spirit, today, I want to live born again! The old doesn't make me happy; the new makes me to rejoice! The blood that was shed for me!

If Jesus asks you personally what are you going to answer? God knows every answer beforehand. He wants you and me to repent today. He wants you and me to recognize our mistakes today. My beloved, he loves you! To be so simple yet all powerful in Jesus' name so that even dignitaries of countries would want to meet you. You would not have time but because of the anointing of the Holy Spirit! Today everyone is going to come to the realization that there is one God who lives whose name is Jesus Christ! He loves you! So don't tell "I am this or I am that" you are the one God is about to use, you are the one he wants to put his spirit into. You are the one whom God wants to now inspire and lift up, my beloved! You can't be bent down and withered in life, thinking of your mistakes, thinking of your faults, thinking of your sin, no! Today you say: God, I abandon all these weak thoughts and I fully commit myself into the hands of the Holy Spirit.

That is why Jesus picked him from the crowd. He said: "Rise up and stand forth in the midst." Rise up in the midst of all people think about you, in the midst of all the condemnation and the judgments and the criticism, in the midst of all your pain and your sin and your agony. I am telling you, Jesus tells, you rise up and stand. He wants you to make your first step today. Rise up! Don't live to maintain your culture somewhere. Don't live to maintain your family name. Don't live to maintain your financial standards. Don't live to maintain your physical acquaintances. Don't live to maintain your cultural heritage. I tell you; today countries are failing because they are bringing culture into the gospel. The gospel is above all cultures!

My beloved, my loving children, the gospel is above all your family names, the gospel is above all what you and I have earned and acquired in life. The gospel is above all you and I could have to live on this earth. The gospel of the Lord Jesus that the Son of God died for me, that the Son of God chose to die for me, that the Son of God willingly gave his life to raise a sinner like me. It's not your outward; it comes from deep inside. "Lord, here are the areas I am weak Lord. Here are the areas I am struggling God. No one knows my Lord, because you are asking me intimately and personally I am telling you, I can't hide from you." David said: Even if I go to the hell you will find me there. From you where can I hide God?

That is the brokenness of David. That is the brokenness of this man - a withered life, a wasted life! Every one of us has something withered; today hand it over to Jesus! It may be your pride or arrogance or uncontrollable natures. Hand it over to Jesus. Rise up in the midst! It's all there, he said, "It's all there, I know. You can't say to sin "Get out", lust "Get out", pride "Get out" and clean yourself and come to me. You can't do that. You have to come to me to clean yourself!" it's by Him that you and I are clean, it's by Him that you and I shall live, it's by Him that you and I shall have peace. He just said, "Rise! I know your mess-ups son!" he has told me this many times: "I know all your weaknesses. I know who you are really. But in that you rise up for me."

Every time I rise up I become a better person in Christ Jesus. He loves you! Don't let others keep you down. Don't let others push you down. Don't let others oppress you. You have a Savior whose blood has been shed for you. You have a savior who loved you and gave his life for you. You have a Savior who rose from the dead to give you and me life. Who can separate us from the love of God? Don't let situations and your past failures oppress you. You have a life that is long and abundant, miraculous on this earth, eternal in heaven.

Rise up! Stand in the midst!

"But Lord, I have all these problems?"

Rise up! Stand in the midst of all your problems!

"But Lord, I have all my sins?"

Rise up! Stand in the midst of all your problems!

"Lord, but with all these weaknesses, with all that will you accept me?"

The blood! That's why this table - the wine and this bread! That's why this table that he accepted us because of Jesus. Every piece of this bread was a piece of his skin that was peeled off his face, that was taken off his back, his face, his head, his hands, his feet. And you still want to sin? My loving children, the blood he shed for you, this cup is the cup of the New Testament, the blood of the Son of God shed for a sinner like me and you. This is a memorial of his holy blood. How can you sin again? How can I sin again? How can you be like someone who is worldly, who is avaricious, who is ambitious, who is a famous man or star or someone? Don't be like them. All those will want to see you, when they see the kingly anointing in your life. I talk what happens, in Jesus' name. When you walk in the anointing and the grace and the love of Jesus, I tell you, everything else needed, will follow you.

I am not worthy to touch this, I am not worthy to touch this but because he has said, "Rise, stand in the midst and preach my gospel". Every time I open my mouth, his cleansing power makes me like him, to live like him. Cleanses me, makes me to live better and better, yet I am not perfect. I press forward toward that high calling as the great apostle Paul, leaving that which is behind, I press on to that high prize for which my Master and your Master has called me.

When he said, "Stretch forth that hand" but Lord, that hand is the place where it hurts! When sin is plucked out, it's going to hurt! When fun and frolic is removed, it's going to hurt! When you have to forgive, bear up, it's going to hurt your ego. When you have to be kind to someone who is really hurting you, it's going to hurt you. When you have to be loving to someone who is your enemy, it's going to hurt you. But the high price on this earth and the high reward on this earth and eternal in heaven is worth it, beloved. Hebrews 12:2 - Looking unto Jesus.

Every weakness of yours - your anger, your pride, your lust - will all fade away today in Jesus' name! your sickness, where money is concerned many are ungodly, going after money, running after money, looking unto money, hoping in money. You must live according to what you have and God will give you what you need! Be forgiving, returning the debts, returning what you have borrowed, returning. Don't wait for the huge amounts to come; start with one dirham, yes I will give it back. Put it in a till that this is for the one I borrowed from. One dirham becomes five, five becomes ten.

One man came to me some time ago - I've got numerous testimonies like this - and said, "Pastor, I'm in heavy debt and I don't know what to do?" Thank God he didn't button two of the button of his shirt. I saw a nice gold chain hanging. I asked him, "My dear son, why not we sell this?" "Oh, this one, I am wearing from birth." I said, "Son, get it out. You will live in Jesus name!" Here you have to give money, why do you want this gold chain? That's yours. What you have, sell it! He went and sold it. But he said, "Pastor, it won't fetch much." Doesn't matter but you do it. After two weeks he comes running to me, he sold that gold chain for whatever little price and went to the man from whom he borrowed and said, "Sir, I waited to give you the full amount and I couldn't make it. It was taking longer and longer. But I went to my priest and he said to sell whatever I have and give it to you. So I sold the little chain my mother had put from birth. In the crib she put this chain over me and I sold it. It didn't fetch much, Sir, but the little amount. I obeyed what God said through my priest and this little amount I give to you."

He said, "That's fine, thank you. That's ok." The next day he called and said to forget about the rest! Oh, your genuineness my beloved, God sees a genuine heart! Outwardly, we have been too much of a Christian for too long. This is not going to help you much. It helps but doesn't help you really much. Your innermost person, I tell people even if you have to sell whatever you have and walk naked on the road, be an honorable man! My Lord will clothe you! Help those whom you have to help, very much. Don't hoard money, save money. I tell you money is the last thing that you must save, if not all, don't save anything. Salvation is what you must save and the character of Jesus is what you must save until eternity!

He said, "Stretch forth that hand". That's where your weakness is - your weakness for money, your weakness for your ego "I am this, I am that!" My darling children, your this and that was crucified on the cross. Your this and that is this precious bread and this holy, blessed wine that is the blood of Jesus that represents this wine. Don't say I am this and I am that and I have come from this family and that family, unless you get to the eternal family in heaven in Jesus name, all your families are a waste here. Your culture is a waste, your family is a waste, your money is a waste, your education is a waste, your position is a waste, your everything is a waste unless the gospel is your life! Today say, God, I'm just going to be a simple man, a true person, honest and repenting and tell him God I don't want to sin again, I am abandoning all these thoughts, help me Holy Ghost. I rise in the midst of all my problems, I rise in the midst of my sin, I rise in the midst of my weakness. I rise in the midst of my nothingness and I stretch forth that hand. This is the place where it hurts me God, I have pain.

Jesus says, "Just give it over to me". Lifting hands, in this sense today, is just handing it over to Jesus. Lord, take over my sin. Take over my weakness. Take over my anger. Take over my pride. Take over my Self. Take over my self-righteousness. Take over my lust. Take over my money-mindedness. Take control of my un-self-controlled nature. Lord, here it is Lord, it had been hiding inside. My parents really don't know who I am, God. My boss knows not who I am really, I talk so bad about him but in the mornings I tell him "Good Morning, Sir!" All good English comes! I say "Praise the Lord, Brother! Praise the Lord!" I hug him but he doesn't know what I talk about him to my wife or to my children. My wife doesn't know who I really am. My husband doesn't know who I really am. My children don't know who I am. My Pastor knows nothing about me, God!

Are you going to just be like that? You will have your reward on this earth; never will you be able to step into heaven. I am warning you people of God; you and I. it is not everyone who says 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of the Father; it is those who do the will of my Father in heaven.

He said, "It's enough you are holding it back. It's enough you are frightened that someone will come to know. It's enough you are frightened that someone will come to know that you are a weak person, you are a cunning person, you are a deceptive person or you are a disobedient person or you are a proud person. Leave that! Say, "God here I am that proud person. I am that unrighteous person. I am that self-loving person. I am that lustful person. I am that money-minded person. I am that crooked person God!" Tell Him today, "Lord, I am that person; I don't have peace inside God. I don't have joy inside God. But everyone thinks I have the peace, I have the joy. Lord, I am really not satisfied inside but I pretend I am so satisfied."

He is here today, for you and for me! He is here! He said, "My son/my daughter just stretch forth that hand. Give it over to me." "Lord, my sin, my sickness, my pain, my agony, my death, my judgment - everything now is yours God. Because it is yours, this table has a meaning in my life."

Our death became his death; our sin became his sin, who was sinless and who is sinless. Our curse became curse on him. Our sins became judgment on him and he rose from the dead, he defeated sin and Satan and death forever! He told us "It is finished! I have come that you shall have life and have it more in abundance!"

Stretch forth that hand, "Lord, I am giving it over to you - my fear, my unbelief, my weakness - I'm giving it over to you. It's yours God, it's yours! I have no beauty in my life, no joy in my life, no strength in my life but others think I have it all. But truly, it's not there Lord, I'll be honest with you." Tell him today.

At this anointing if I see some of you today; I'll be knowing exactly who you are! There is a very discerning anointing that is coming upon me now. If this little man can know, God knows everything about you and me. He knows everything about me and you. Why he reveals to us is that we will take out all those hidden, un-confessed, withered life and hand it over to him to receive miracle life of abundance, long on this earth until rapture and eternal in heaven. Hand it over to him and the holy bible says that the same withered hand became whole as the other hand.

You may think - I am uneducated, I have no family background, I have no education, my father was a poor man, my mother couldn't afford me - you may think all that but today, just rise, in the midst of all your turmoil and handover that area of suffocation inside, that loneliness inside, that left-out feeling inside.

When we were going to Canada, my wife and I and our dear little daughter; at the Dubai airport, we went into one place and a person came to me and said, "Pastor, please pray for me." I don't know who these people were, I just touched him and went and had something to eat and then came out and was walking when another wailing voice was coming. Even my dear wife was surprised; someone in the airport was coming running behind me, weeping and crying. He was a staff of the Airport. I don't know which church he goes to. He was weeping "just touch me before you go". I hugged him and said, "Jesus is with you, Son!"

My loving people, who is there for those who are weak and heavy laden? Who is there for those who are longing for a touch of love and compassion? It's outwardly fine, but inwardly do you have the power of God that your touch will heal the sick and comfort the broken hearted. Is your body the temple of the Holy Spirit? Have you given your organs as a vessel for the Lord Jesus? Today, are you living a withered life, just for the sake of a show to others because your ego has clothed you so much. Culture has clothed you so much - you belong to this culture, that culture.

I addressed few people of high positions in Canada. I knelt there on the ground, I didn't like this and I told them, "Unless the blood of Jesus washes you, great men, nothing is going to happen." They all said, "Please pray for us."

The Holy Spirit when he comes, he lifts the standard of Jesus. It's nothing outward; it's all inward. The hand became whole. Your life and my life will become whole. You and I will become better and better like Jesus. Our sicknesses will be healed this morning. Our pain will go this morning. Our fear will go this morning. Our innermost being will rejoice this morning that our sins are forgiven. We have life forever!

Stretch forth your life to him today, in Jesus name! Don't hide anything, don't hold anything! Abandon every sinful way, every unrighteous, unholy way of living; abandon them today and tell this little prayer with me. Let us pray now!

Loving Father, I come to you, with all these dear ones; you know my innermost being God. Lord, I stand up in the midst. You know my failures and my mistakes and you know all our failures and mistakes. We lift our lives to you, Lord! We handover all the problem areas of our lives, all our mistakes, all our wrong attitudes and wrong feelings, all our sinful natures, we cannot rid them but by your Spirit and your word and your blood, you can take it away, God! We handover our pain, our agony, our sickness, our disease, our failures. Most of us are unsatisfied, discontented in life that there's no real joy God! There is no real joy but today, Holy Spirit, I bring myself and all these dear ones. Let your joy fill them today, God! Let your peace fill them today! Let your holiness fill them today God! Let the holy desire fill their minds and their hearts and their bodies. Lord, we handover our iniquities into your hand. We handover our difficult situations in life, in your hands. We handover our needs and our requirements in your hands. Lord Jesus, as that man lifted his hand as a symbol, that same withered hand, that is the place that needed healing, that is the place that needed prayer, that is the place that needed the power. We lift our lives, that same place where we are hurt, where we are lamenting today, where we are feeling sorry today for what we have done. Where we are feeling pain and agony and sorrow and sickness and pain in our lives and in our bodies; we hand it over, we bring that place into your hands God! We can do nothing; Holy Spirit, only you can do it now! Only you can do it now! Heal everyone here, God! Heal everyone in their body, heal everyone in their mind, heal everyone in their innermost being, God! Let your joy, your peace and the newness of life fill them, with the power of the Holy Spirit working in their bodies. Every sickness, every disease leave now in Jesus' name! Every cause of that disease, every cause of that pain, every infection, now leave in Jesus' name! Holy Father, comfort them! Every sorrow, every fear leave now in Jesus Christ name! Holy Lord Jesus, comfort them, embrace them, kiss them. Every authority of sin and weakness, leave now in Jesus' name! Lord, embrace them! Kiss them! You are their very life for them, God. Let them all be made whole! Let them all be used mightily God, mightily, to beautify your house, to beautify your kingdom, to beautify your church whereby they themselves will be beautified in their own life, in their family life, in their personal life, in their employment life, in their business life! Let life fill these loving children! Let us be made whole in Jesus' name!


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