FRIDAY, JULY 9, 2010


Let us turn our bibles to John’s gospel chapter 11.

My dear children of God this is a very interesting and powerful miracle that Jesus did. He raised Lazarus to life! He raised him from death to life! My beloved children, my loving children you may be passing through sickness today, you may be passing through worries and trials in your life. You may be on the road of worry in your life. You may be on the road, on the pathway of various anxieties in life, various stresses in life, various unresolved challenges in life. You may be thinking that everything is coming to a halt or a grinding halt, that you’re life is a failure that you’re going to stop somewhere. You are fatigued, you are tired of waiting, you are tired of waiting for a miracle, for an answer. You are tired of waiting for a healing in your body, in your home, in your finances. You may be walking the path of loneliness in life; you may be walking the path of fear and despondency in life. You may be walking the path of helplessness and desertedness in life. You have been deserted; you have been left to find your own way by someone or some people.

My loving children sickness may be causing great concern to you, weaknesses in your body, pain, doctors may say all kinds of tests have to be done; we have to wait for various reports and consultation. Financially you may be going through a very hard time. My beloved no matter what road you are travelling, the road of sorrow will end in joy in Jesus’ name! The road of sickness is going to complete and end with absolute healing and long life on this earth! I am talking for everything on this earth! I don’t speak of that which is going to happen in heaven because I myself don’t know much about that but I know we are on this earth everything will come to a glorious completion in rapture my beloved. You may be walking through the paths of poverty and want and helplessness in life my beloved.

That road is going to complete on this earth with absolute sufficiency in life and surplus in Jesus’ name my beloved! You maybe walking on the road of fear and anxiety and tension and stress in life my beloved ones but that road is going to end and complete in absolute peace, absolute joy in your life on this earth itself my beloved. Because somewhere down that road Jesus will join you. Jesus will join you through his Holy Spirit. He lets you walk there to join your life. He lets you walk on that road – sorrow and sickness and pain and the defeated death and defeated disease, all comes from the defeated Satan but God permits it sometimes and for some reason so that He can join somewhere on that road with you unto eternity.

My dear children of God, here when Jesus was there, suddenly news came the man whom you love is sick. In the 3rd verse the news came, Lazarus whom you love is sick. My beloved children of God, "if God loves me why I should go through problems?"If God loves me why I should go through diseases and sicknesses and various difficulties? That is a question that naturally comes but that has been dirtily given to us by the defeated devil through our wanting and wondering and wavering minds my beloved. When you are wondering and wavering the defeated devil puts that idea: “Where is God? You say that He loves you but why is it you are sick, why is it that you are wanting? Why is it you have lack, you have insufficiency in life? Why is that you don’t have peace and joy? Why are you not enjoying this life on this earth? Why is it that? Why is it that?”

Why is it that the little happiness is temporal? Why it is that evening you have a good time and at night when you are all alone on your bed; whole night you maybe partying somewhere but on the pillow, I tell you your conscience is so marred with fear and stained with guilt my beloved. What is it that my beloved ones? Why is it that?

My dear children, my loving children Jesus is here today. The one who loves you is Jesus! My dear children no matter what you are going through maybe guilt, maybe condemnation, maybe sickness, maybe inability to make ends meet, meet life’s needs, today Jesus shows me through the Holy Spirit, He is entering your life on that way you are going today my beloved. So that your sin will complete in purity and holiness. Sin will be absorbed and holiness will be given to you and me in Jesus’ name! Sickness will be removed and health and long life for you and me in Jesus’ name! Poverty will be eradicated and great sufficiency and surplus will be given to you and me in Jesus’ name! That’s what you must believe!

Never question God: “Why is it that? Why is it that?” my dear children, out of ignorance, out of urgency, out of desperation, we all sometimes question God but its time that we overcome that. That’s the cunning, crafty, defeated devil’s question. You and I must overcome that.

Here is a man, the bible says he loved Jesus and Jesus loved him – Lazarus is seriously sick now. The whole house, whenever Jesus went to Bethany, he always stayed there. When he was close to Jerusalem, he always stayed in Bethany my beloved, to avoid the crowds. Bethany was two miles from Jerusalem and he stayed there always to avoid the crowds and Martha and Mary and Lazarus looked after him so well. He loved that home, he just gets in there, he feels the presence of the Father there – that is Jesus. Now that same home is grieving, weeping, death has cornered them. Death and disease and sorrow and grief has cornered them, filled that home. And the bible says: Here is the home that you loved, here is a man that you loved, here is a woman that you loved, why is it that they are in grief? These questions can come but overcome these questions my beloved. Don’t ever dwell in those dirty defeated questions that come in your life. Look at it the other way because he loves me he will join me on the road of sickness; because he loves me he will join me on the road of poverty today. Because he loves me he is devoted deeply to me. He will join me on the road of anxiety and stress in my life and he will complete my journey with victory and miracle life on this earth. That’s what Jesus is all about for you and me my beloved.

The bible says, the moment he heard he said, two days I will rest more, I will wait here. So the moment he heard he is sick, two days, the bible says he said I will wait here because this is not unto death, this is for the glory of God! Every miracle brings glory to God! Every miracle brings joy to heaven and joy and faith in the lives of people. Even miracles can cause sinners to repent. Miracles in ministries are a must my beloved. Why did Peter come and fall before Jesus and say, “I am a sinner, leave me.” When did that happen? When a miracle happened when Jesus said put all your nets. He put one net and all the fish filled the boats. How many of you know that my beloved? All the fish filled the boats. When he saw that astounding, incredible miracle which has never happened in his life before, he came and fell before Jesus and what did he say, “I am a sinner.” When miracles happen, the power of God of so imminent in the church, sinners will be convicted to repent, my beloved. That’s why the preaching of the gospel must be confirmed with signs, wonders and miracles immediately.

Lift your hands to Jesus. Lord, I am ready for my miracle. Tell him. Lord you know what I need. Lord I am desperate for my miracle in my body, in my family, in my finances, in my whole life. I am desperate for my miracle. Today I believe, I believe, I receive my miracle in my life, today Lord Jesus. Amen!

O’ one miracle brings glory to God! He turned the water into wine in that marriage ceremony and the holy bible says the glory of God was manifested! And we all say God glory, glory, glory, but where are miracles, signs and wonders my beloved? When one sinner repents there is glory in heaven. Peter came and fell at the feet of Jesus and repented. He saw one miracle that astonished him. That’s the power of the Holy Spirit my beloved! He loves you! Believe in miracles! Believe in signs, wonders, miracles and healings. It’s important church. The church must rise to that place. Gentiles will come flooding my beloved in these days, in these years before rapture.

Jesus said this is for the glory of God and he stayed two more days. He stayed two more days. My dear children then he said let us go now. Then the disciples were frightened and said, “Don’t go there now, they are all against you. In Judaea they are all against you.” there was a conflict between the disciples; some say go, some say don’t go. They go out of fear, if we don’t go with him also we are finished, if we go with him also we are finished. But anyway Jesus had to tell them the plain truth. He said first Lazarus is asleep now. Remember two days have gone. Two days he was sick and after Jesus got the news he purposely delayed and said this is for the glory of God, not unto death. O’ this road of disease will not lead to death. It will lead to life and the glory of God. Jesus knew it. He is the same Jesus yesterday, today and forever!

Don’t worry on the road on which you are traveling now. It’s all going to be completing with the glory of God right now in Jesus name! My beloved he loves you, he loves you! Then he said two days and after two days he said now we will go. These fellows are all questioning Jesus and wanting to go and wanting not to go and they didn’t know what to do.

Then Jesus said: Look I have to go now and they said why Jesus? “He’s asleep; I must go and wake him up!” They said, “If he is asleep he’ll get up. We’ll be here. It is dangerous to go there now. Don’t go there.” Jesus looked at them and said, “He is dead!” He had to give, because Jesus doesn’t use the word ‘death’ but he had to once in a way use that word these fellows didn’t understand anything. He had to use that word which he doesn’t use generally and it has no meaning because death is defeated forever but he had to tell these fellows. Then they said, “Oh, then we’ll all go!” My dear children of God and he arrived there. When he arrived, the bible says it was four days Lazarus had already been in the tomb. So four and two = six days – six thousand years have passed, according to the known history of humanity in the bible. Six thousand years have passed; we are in the seven thousandth year. Seventh day – the coming of the Lord to raise us up is very imminent and near now. He loves you! He loves you! He loves you!

Two days he waited, third day he got up. He said now it’s for the glory of God! Two thousand years have passed. The three thousandth year – the third day – thousand years is one day in God’s word – the third day he seems to have got up now for you and I to see his glory. He is coming soon. How many of you understand this? He loves you! He loves you! But there is much work for us to do beloved in these coming years until rapture. He is coming soon.

When he went there Martha came running and said, “Master if you had been here he would not have died.” Martha was the elder sister. But now again she says, “Lord if you had been here my brother would not have died but even now I know that whatever you ask God, God will give you.” She told something exciting. She said, “If you had been here he would not have died,” Jesus was carefully listening to her, then she said, “but even now what you ask God the Father He will do it for you.” Jesus said, “Yes your brother will rise again.” Then she said, “I know he will rise in the resurrection of the last day.”

That’s what my beloved, sometimes we speak what we really don’t know, we speak what we really don’t mean. When you come into the church receiving the word of the living God; when you come into the church believing the Holy Spirit is here, when you come into the church when the servants of God lay their hands on you, you must believe: Now I am healed in Jesus’ name! Now I am delivered in Jesus’ name!

But Martha told that but she didn’t mean it. That was hope; she was speaking hope. She was living by hope. The bible doesn’t say that you and I live by hope; the bible says we live by faith! Hope is then; faith is now! Love is for then and now! That is why love is great! Hope is yes one day he will rise up, one day God will open the door, one day God will bless me; that one day is today if thou believest! You can bring faith and hope to meet together at the same place at the same time if thou believest my beloved. Hope is on another day; faith is now, that is why we live by faith and not by sight! He is God Emmanuel with us, now!

Lift your hands to Jesus and say: Lord Jesus, I live by faith, now, now, now, in Jesus’ name! I receive my life, my miracle life, my healed life, my prosperous life, my saved life, now God, in Jesus’ name! Amen! Martha told it will all happen, yes she was speaking the truth but she didn’t believe. My beloved, Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.” He said, “I am.” I want you to catch this truth, servants of God, great men and women of God here – Martha said, “If you ask God, God will do it.” Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.” – God at times revealed who he is!

My beloved ones that is Jesus! He is the power of God! That is Jesus; he is the Resurrection and the Life! Lift your hands to him! He is the Son of God! His name is above every other name! He is the only begotten of the Father. He is the resurrection and the life! He said, “I am the resurrection and the life. If I say it will happen.” That’s what Jesus is telling here, my beloved, he said, if I say; my father has given all things in my hand.” John 3:35 says, “My Father has given everything in my hands. If I say it will happen” Jesus says.

I love that authority of Jesus. Martha was shocked! Martha said if you pray it will happen. He said, “No! If I say it will happen!” You and I must have that authority and that anointing. It is for you and me beloved on this earth, now!

My dear children, my loving children, He loves you!

And Jesus said, “He who believes in me, though he may die he shall live and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die!” He said if you live and believe in me, you shall never die!

Lift your hands to Jesus, close your eyes and say: Lord I believe, I shall live! I shall live; I shall not die! But I shall live; I shall live! I shall live because I believe in you Lord Jesus! O halleluiah! That’s what Jesus says; he is asking you and me do you believe this? She said, “Yes Lord, you are Christ the Son of God who is to come into the world.” My dear children, she was full of intellect, knowledge. Poor girl! She loved God.

Then Mary came running. News went Jesus has come! Mary came weeping, she wept and the bible says she also said the same thing. Same thing, same thing! “Lord if you had been here my brother would not have died.” Martha told the same thing, Mary told the same thing but there is a difference here! How many of you can get the difference here? Read the bible carefully, I will give you one minute. Martha told the same thing, Mary told the same thing, what is the difference in both of them? Be free my dear children, we are just a family. Shall I tell you my dear children? Mary wept; Martha did not weep. Can you see that now? Can you see that?

When Jesus saw her weeping – catch that point now – here is a woman moved with the loss of her brother, here is a woman weeping, here is a woman addressing her faith with compassion, here is a woman addressing faith with knowledge. Martha was addressing hope, Martha was telling hope with knowledge. Mary was speaking faith with love. Write it down pastors, leaders, great men and women of God! Martha spoke hope and knowledge; Mary spoke faith and love! How many of you can see the difference here? Have you got it my dear children of God? Have you taken it? Write it down, when the Holy Spirit gives it to you and me, write it down, pastors, leaders, brothers, sisters, young and old. Nowadays little children write wonderful notes, youth and little children write wonderful notes.

Martha spoke hope and knowledge; Mary spoke faith and love and faith that works by love always brings victory! The bible says when Jesus heard that Jesus also wept. Jesus also wept! Faith that works by love! Jesus enters into the pain of your life that is what he told in the early beginning now. He couldn’t enter into the pain because Martha spoke hope and knowledge – I don’t want preachers and young men and women and everyone in this church to speak knowledge and hope; I want you and I to speak faith with love my beloved. That comes by prayer; that comes by regular attendance to the main church regularly, faithful, attached to the main church my beloved. Knowing the place that you belong to, there is a place that you belong to that is the place that will give you life my beloved. My dear children, Jesus loves you! He loves you, he loves you, he loves every one of you! I am teaching you the very principles of Christian life so that you and I will be victorious in the years to come until rapture.

Jesus wept, the moment he heard the same words from both sides – one is hope and knowledge, one is faith and love – he wept and he was groaning in the spirit. He entered into their pain immediately. With Martha he couldn’t enter into their pain like that but with Mary, so broken with faith and love he entered into the pain of that family. He entered into the very loneliness of that family; he entered into the very grief of that family. He is a loving God, he is God who came as man, he feels for our pain, he feels for our sorrow, he feels for our grief. He is God who came as man today to deliver you and save you and heal you my beloved.

He said show me now. The moment she started crying he said show me now! When that faith comes, I tell you, you can just pickup people from the wheelchairs just like that. You can pickup people from the deathbed just like that, my beloved! It’s possible even now in Jesus’ name! It’s that compassion of Jesus that comes with that supernatural anointed faith my beloved. He loves you!

You must enter into the pain of people. You must enter into the pain of someone. You must enter into the pain of their loneliness and their want. You must enter into the pain of their agony. You must enter into the pain of their helplessness. Then that faith comes! “Show me where you have laid him. Martha again came and said, Sir, it must be stinking, there must be a stench there it’s already four days have passed!” Jesus said, “Did I not tell you” he reminded her, “that you will see the glory of God if you believe?”

What authority! Tears inside but authority outside! That is anointing, my beloved! He didn’t sit there and cry with Martha and Mary and make a show there. He cried inside, he wept inside. He said, “Show me the place!” with that the devil would have been trembling, I tell you beloved. Weeping inside and authority outside, I tell you in Jesus name. That is how a king lives my beloved. As a priest you weep; as a king you exercise authority over every work of the defeated devil. You and I are kings and priests on this earth, Revelation 1:6 says.

Martha was telling something, he said, “Did I not tell you?” he reminded her. “Remove that stone of knowledge and hope. Today remove it. Today let faith and love fill our hearts. It’s not knowledge; it’s not knowledge that everywhere you gather knowledge, no! It’s not hope that “Someday it’s going to happen. Someday it’s going to happen”. That someday is today if you believe in Jesus name!

He loves you, he loves you, he is devoted, deeply he loves you! Then Jesus said, "Lazarus come forth!" Come forth Lazarus! Come forth out of your sin, come forth out of every weakness, come forth out of every unbelief, come forth out of every pain, come forth out of your death, come forth out of your disease and sickness! Lazarus come forth!

He spoke one word, one sentence and Lazarus came bound in his grave clothes. He said to loosen him and let him go! My dear children, today the work given to the church is to loosen people. He has already raised them up. He has already forgiven our sins. That is what I taught on Tuesday. Listen carefully my darling children: He told, "Lazarus, come forth!” The defeated devil Satan and death all was defeated. Lazarus came out. How did he come still bound? The bible says he was still with his grave clothes. That is what Jesus has already done for us. Tuesday I taught you, the forty-eight truths. Take it all of you that weren’t there. Take the cassette or ask for the typed form from my office. They will give it to you. Forty-eight truths on what Jesus has done for you, what he did for Lazarus. Then he gave the responsibility to others to loosen him and let him walk now. That loosening is what the Holy Spirit is doing now.

So what you and I are going to study this Tuesday is what the Holy Spirit is doing for us now. Do you understand? That is your responsibility and my responsibility. Jesus has forgiven every sin of ours. Jesus has shed his blood and destroyed all works of the devil and defeated death and he rose from the dead with his body. Forty-eight truths on what Jesus has done for us; twelve, twelve, twelve, twelve – a square. Take it from my office, beautifully typed printed notes for those who did not come and this Tuesday the Holy Spirit will teach you and me what he is doing now. Jesus told the others to loosen them, loosen Lazarus and let him go. That’s what you and I are doing now and have to do more in Jesus name in the years to come. So you and I will study that this Tuesday.

The friends came and loosened Lazarus and he walked in Jesus mighty name. How many of you understood this message today? Some of us have been raised but not loosened. The title of today’s message is RAISED UP AND LOOSENED TO LIVE IN JESUS NAME!

That’s for you and me my darling children. Leaders come to the front please and the dear pastors pray for this bread and the wine. As we are going to take the Lord’s Table because we are raised up and loosened by the Bread and the Wine. The bread resembles his very body that died for us, shedding his holy blood for us, saving us forever with life. And he rose with his body having shed all his blood for us that because he lives you and I shall live also. The Bread and the Wine are symbols that we have been forgiven, pardoned, saved, given life! His blood even today saves us, protects us, cleanses us! The Holy Spirit is here today, he loves you! God loves you!


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