496 Friday July 05/07/2013 As your Faith Rises Miracles will happen   Play Download
495 Sunday June 30/06/2013 Forsake all and follow Jesus   Play Download
494 Friday June 28/06/2013 Don't give up, Never given in, You will be Victorious   Play Download
493 Sunday June 23/06/2013 He will come down and heal you   Play Download
492 Friday June 21/06/2013 Jesus will raise you up   Play Download
491 Sunday June 16/06/2013 Nothing else, but His Word alone gives me life forever   Play Download
490 Friday June 14/06/2013 Positioned to Reign and Placed to Receive   Play Download
488 Friday June 07/06/2013 Touch His blood by Faith and you shall live   Play Download
487 Sunday June 02/06/2013 MY GOD WHO SEES ME!   Play Download
486 Friday May 31/05/2013 The Name of Jesus   Play Download
485 Sunday May 26/05/2013 Returning to the Father   Download
484 Friday May 24/05/2013 Power in His Word, Life in His Word   Download
483 Sunday May 19/05/2013 Anointing Pastor Christopher Play Download
482 Friday May 17/05/2013 Join the Cloud Pastor Neville Play Download
481 Sunday May 12/05/2013 You are A Vessel of God's Glory, Power & Mercy   Play Download
480 Friday May 10/05/2013 Have mercy on my son and God will show mercy   Play Download
479 Sunday May 05/05/2013 Not by our Natural Birth, but only by our Spiritual Birth we Live   Play Download
478 Friday May 03/05/2013 Jesus will heal you   Play Download
477 Sunday April 28/04/2013 NEW BLESSING, NEW LIFE, NEW JOY in JESUS Name Right Now   Play Download
476 Friday April 26/04/2013 Lord I will decide to be holy   Play Download
475 Sunday April 26/04/2013 Empowered by the resurrection power of Jesus Pastor Lyimo Play Download
474 Friday April 19/04/2013 Seek Him where He can be found   Play Download
473 Sunday April 14/04/2013 God's Faith is His Word, His Spirit, and His Life   Play Download
472 Friday April 12/04/2013 Power of the Passover to Crossover   Play Download
471 Sunday April 07/04/2013 Faith and Patience together gives us victory Pastor Paul Naughton Play Download
470 Friday April 05/04/2013 Jesus came to live in me and lead me   Play Download
469 Easter Sunday March 31/03/2013 Resurrected, Redeemed, Released, Receive and Rejoice   Play Download
468 Friday March 29/03/2013 Good day, Gods day, Giving day   Play Download
467 Sunday March 24/03/2013 Heavens are open unto you Pastor Jerom Play Download
466 Friday March 22/03/2013 His Word, His Sight, His Power, His Presence will set you free Forever   Play Download
464 Friday March 15/03/2013 Come, believe and take HIS word and live   Play Download
463 Sunday March 10/03/2013 There is still hope, still more life with Jesus Christ   Play Download
462 Friday March 08/03/2013 Pray in God's will and receive Life   Play Download
461 Sunday March 03/03/2013 Nature of the Bible Pastor Christopher Play Download
460 Friday March 01/03/2013 Authority with Compassion Pastor Neville Play Download
459 Sunday February 24/02/2013 Mustard grain faith and praise in the blood of Jesus brings life and life in abundance   Play Download
458 Friday February 22/02/2013 WELL ROOTED AND FRUITS OF REPENTACE BRING GREAT REWARDS   Play Download
457 Sunday February 17/02/2013 Don't be a hindrance to God's salvation plan Pastor Manu Play Download
456 Friday February 15/02/2013 Come Back to Bethlehem   Play Download
455 Sunday February 10/02/2013 His Mercy from Heaven removes all my burdens on earth   Play Download
454 Friday February 08/02/2013 There is life at the gate of Nain with Jesus   Play Download
453 Sunday February 03/02/2013 Blood of Jesus   Play Download
452 Friday February 01/02/2013 Beyond the burden are blessings, only believe   Play Download
451 Sunday January 27/01/2013 Obedience, Attitude & Expectation Pastor Claude Fingleton PlayDownload
450 Friday January 25/01/2013 Driven Out to be Drawn In   Play Download
449 Sunday January 20/01/2013 REMOVE, READY, RECEIVE & REJOICE   Play Download
448 Friday January 18/01/2013 Praise Him Lifting Hands and Receive Your Miracle   Play Download
447 Sunday January 13/01/2013 At the darkest hour is your grandest Miracle   Play Download
446 Friday January 11/01/2013 Jesus comes in My cup Overflows   Play Download
445 Sunday January 06/01/2013 Praise Him Before Hand.... Your Miracle Will Be in Your Hand   Play Download
444 Friday January 04/01/2013 Continual sacrificial praises unto God and receive your miracle   Play Download
443a Tuesday January 01/01/2013 New Year Prophecy   Play Download
443 Tuesday January 01/01/2013 Receive your miracle God's way not our way   Play Download